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The New GLA. Always Restless


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Yay.... I'll be tagging along.... All thanks to ZZ auto....

I'm prepared to meet my Maker...

Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter - Winston Churchill

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Dear All,

I'm interested to get the GLA in comparison against A250.


Care to share what are the servicing menu & cost for this small SUV?

Common freebies to ask for: complementary servicing packages? rims upgrade? solar film? GPS?


Alternatively outside workshop (with up-to-date diagnostic tools & do coding also) like: Chip Soon Auto? Starblack? BMS? Autospritze?


many thanks in advance & looking fwd to join the family!!

dont care if u rich or poor. when u r nice to me, i'll b nice too.

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I find that the problem of GLA180 is the getting in and out of the car. You have to raise your leg rather high yet keep your head bent low just so you can get in and out without hitting your head.

hi hi, yes u r rite. its rather compact as it is i think lable as sporty SUV.. im 1.86cm and going in abit like funny but once inside already quite comfy and driving is stable.. just picking up like abit slow? hmmm

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Just a short review, feedback and reasons why I went with GLA in the end. I purchased this last nov '15  (vivo roadshow), where C&C was having a special promo, at that time, there was a 12K over-trade for selected cars & GLA was one of them. I was quite lucky as the car was already on the ship due for SG and it arrived in dec, but I specifically waited till first week of Jan for collection. 


How does it drive? GLA180 is not going to win any 0-100 race at the traffic lights against your ROC /  WRX and 320. But to overtake other commercial vehicles and smaller passenger cars is not too big of an issue, u just need to "floor" it a bit more.


Prior i was on stock rims & stock run flat, on good street, GLA is really very quiet and refine, very quiet .... very comfortable ... the gear box change is very smooth ... when accelerating ... but when slowing down, sometimes they do struggle to find the correct gear (this has been reported by other youtube reviews)


one drawback, is that sometimes i feel the car swings side to side and a bit bouncy, - my guess is the run flat tyre - which i have replaced ...


FC - I am not the best sample as my traveling patterns as 90% heavy city 10% highway, about 11L to 100KM


so should you buy GLA?


well I can give u a few Pros & Cons against its brothers within the MB family


A Klass - Hot Hatch - Racer Boy Image , Better handling, But limited Rear Head Space and Boot Space cum if Stock Style A180 really very bare bones ... will recommend you getting URBAN - but you will get stiffer suspension


B Klass - Family Car - not as "firece" but hey, if you not into looks and like a small car with MB badge, this is the car for you, Good headspace !


CLA - some will say most BENG or Firece Looking, personally I simply loved the looks but why i didnt buy it in the end?

two main reasons: Rear headspace cum the small boot opening (esp hard to load big baby wheelers)


but if you are singles, 20s, does not need to ferry parents or friends ALL THE TIME,  - i think this is really the perfect entry MB car for you


so why GLA - it is a give and take - what are the points that matter to you vs what doesnt , also I never own a SUV before so why not? give it a go


Looks - I love the front grille - very commanding, BIG FAT MB LOGO, body shape is wide and sleek, just the rear  - EYES OF A BUG" - which some say, only a mother will love - but who cares - GLA does come in DUAL EXHAUST! 


Rear headspace is OK, for normal adults - least my parents can get in without much trouble , it can ferry TWO FULL Adults comfortably, but three will be a struggle. 


Boot Space is OK, much better than A Klass cum it has big opening - esp useful if you need to load big items or Baby Wheeler - compare to CLA


Lastly, PONDING situations - thought GLA is labelled as a SUV, i think it is more of a cross-over instead, but least when i see "SMALL PONDING" - I will be confident enough to cross it ... :-) 


my 2 cents worth of recommendation, if price / money is not an issue, go for the GLA200, the extra horses will come in handy, but if you think GLA180 is more economical , why not? i am sure you will love it as well




Edit: another reason which I forgot to add earlier, was due to the low number of GLA, it is more unique". Can see people looking at it, with "curious look", cos back then it was still more "niche" ...

When I was first driving in Jan, I barely can find another GLA on the roads, roughly 1-2 per week, but recently, I can see 1-2 on a daily basis.

You maybe asking, will a "low number" car affect my resale or spare parts going forward when I want to sell in the future? My guess is not really, my very rough estimate, there is roughly 100 (if not more) GLA on SG roads now ... this number will only grow as we will be getting new facelifts soon (in Europe before end of this yr)

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