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  1. Yup, if you have DAB+, you will get details like radio station, song titles, sometimes even lyrics
  2. Hi. Yes, I did consider the GLB. Besides the high price, the handling is not really that well on the GLB compared to the A and B class. What GLB wins is the height and space and the so called "7" seaters which I dun think anyone in my family can sit at the last row. And if you put down the last row, there isn't any covers to cover up the boot which I normally will put all barangs barangs. I do not think a GLB suits me, but maybe it will suit many others. What really tempts me is the new Harrier though, comfort, space, tech, etc.
  3. Looks like there is very few persons driving the new B class here. So sad. Anyway, just collected my car for 1 month. “Upgraded?” From W246 B180. Never thought will change from B to B but this time the improvements is so vast and noticeable that I am really tempted. Never thought a B class will look good, but this style definitely don’t look like an uncle type of car. Just for sharing purposes.
  4. Looking for W247 owners here. I have just gotten mine and been driving for a month or so. Looking forward to seeing more owners of the new B class.
  5. Hi. You must have the 1st generation facelift. Yes, it is only included 3 modes instead of 4 modes in the later versions. But you are not missing much. the E mode in your current one is equivalent to the C mode of the later version. The E mode in the later version comes with fast gear changing to save more fuel, but basically makes the car very slow moving. I believe that it must be some complaints that the B class not getting the stated fuel economy that they created such a mode that practically made the car so slow moving and reacting. For others with the new B180 to comment:
  6. Bro. Top pic and bottom pic show totally different rims?
  7. I think they have mentioned that warranty for batteries are for 2 years. Even if the batteries are replaced, C&C are just making sure their batteries (including replacements) will last for 2 years period from time of collection.
  8. This is a engine warning light. You should bring it to workshop for the diagnostic to download the actual warning message. Basically, it just means that some sensors are showing that will affect the performance of the engine. But it can be a trival as engine temp did not reach desired temp at a certain time, too hot for a certain time, oil temperature too hot/cold, etc......... As long your car is not showing any signs of engine trouble, jerking, gears cannot go up, etc it should be ok. C&C centers take about 30 mins to diagnose the temp so maybe you can go there. To tr
  9. If you unlock door and don't open door and don't walk away, I think the doors will lock back too.
  10. Both by all means are not slow cars, just that you will still paying the same COE, road tax amid different powers and handling (2WD vs 4WD).
  11. Your car will have higher paper value.
  12. I did only during the 1st year after making the purchase. Movie to Jurassic World.
  13. No. Europe safety standards, In the event of a collision, drivers / passengers should be able to open the doors to exit the car without the risk of the lock mechanism getting spoilt to lock the passengers in.
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