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  1. Bro what is your ride ? C204 and W204 have water pump issues which C&C replace FOC during the warranty period
  2. Brand New in unopened original box original unit from local Nespresso so can register warranty under your name Lattissima Pro: $750/- (original selling price is $888/-) Creatista Plus: $635/- (original selling price is $748/-) SOLD
  3. hi mine coupe C204, 2012 has this "check engine light" on dashboard illuminated today. plan to visit Chip Soon for advise this coming week any help will be appreciated.
  4. As long as Grab and Uber continue to offer discount rides, it will be a popular option
  5. Renew the COE provided the COE maintains below 40K and Your ride mileage is low below 100k just my views
  6. Afternoon I am applying for SHHK membership and i need 2 sponsors to sign on my application form. if there is any current SHHK members willing to help me, please PM me thanks
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