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  1. darksaint


    Mine is PI C200 Amg line and is indicated on the LTA log.
  2. Can try ask chip soon or any other merc workshop. They should be able to quote and replace.
  3. Depends if you want performance or comfort tyres brand. can choose from shops like either LS tyres / hurry tyres / AL tyres
  4. Yup. Unless everytime before inspection ownself or go workshop to change to normal bulbs.
  5. Maybe can try change to higher lumens bulbs? but change higher lumens or the whole headlamp may fail inspection.
  6. Think can replace the part from any merc workshop. so far never encounter before and likely it broke due to external force.
  7. best to get repair quote direct from workshop. can try chip soon or any site sponser workshop in this forum.
  8. https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-me/ The provision of the Mercedes me connect services is via a SIM card installed in the car and depends upon the availability of network coverage. The cost of connecting the vehicle to the Daimler AG server will be borne by Daimler AG.VI
  9. AD C&C specs usually lower but being AD warranty is better. PI specs higher but PI warranty though cheaper. have to weight the pro and cons.
  10. u may buy from stocklist to self DIY or ur own workshop for them to change for you...
  11. Welcome and congrats to ur new ride
  12. Likely will void sound system warranty if any changes
  13. You may want to check with Elebest / benzline or infinity werks
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