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  1. found the solution to wiper juddering - all the videos / pics are inside SGMERC C klass telegram chat
  2. a member randomy found this, i can confirm, it really works, all the pics & videos are inside SGMERC C klass telegram chat
  3. bro, information about collection of sgmerc decals are in the telegram chat. we hold the collection every other week or so
  4. Good Morning Rickosw

    thanks for the help.

    Now I am in ..............yr telegram.

    much appreciate

    1. rickosw


      thank you for the support

  5. Hi Rickosw 

    can I joined yr Mercs telegram group.

    I register a while back but I can’t view & definitely can’t chat.

    thanks in advance.

    Wans to noe ,where the members send their diesel car too?

    I collected mine ,a preown one,last week

    1. rickosw


      you can join SGMERC telegram chat, there are diesel owners there


    2. fesa704


      Thanks for the reply rickosw

      Can I have the link,sometimes I can see the chat but I can’t post.

      plse help?

  6. ??? W205FL is sold from dec 2018 what are u talking about ?
  7. SGMERC car decals stocks are back please collect your free SGMERC car decals from any SGMERC Admin / mod
  8. get it check by your trusted workshop - esp the mileage if C&C Car, insist on the full service records
  9. diesel car = high mileage then "worth it" what is your average yearly mileage?
  10. I am not related to Boss Seb from Maxhaust , but i know many SGMERC bro went to install "speakers" with him. from small engine CLA 180 (MBUX) to A35 so far, no complains / horror story. do call Seb 82332281 - quote Rick (SGMERC) - confirm best service disclaimer (i do not get any commission or cut) MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER - SWITCH OFF YOUR SPEAKERS WHEN YOU ARE AT LTA
  11. Congrats W205 FL C43? will you like to be on SGMERC C klass telegram chat ? if so, please PM me your details
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