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  1. hi there, 

    the telegram link was expired & I cant join in.

    is here a new link perhaps?


  2. PI will be faster, then u add 5-6 months for AD Cycle
  3. still here ar, https://t.me/SGMerc
  4. Hi bro, 

    just changed to V117. Can I trouble you to share the telegram link? Thanks

  5. Hi Bro..

    Im newbie here with Y2015 B180.

    Is there still available club car decal and how i can purchase them ?

    Also, if you can share if I chg to open pod to ny ride ..will it cause lag or better performance. Sorry this my 1st time ride a conti car😀

    1. rickosw


      SGMERC car decals are free of charge, 

      but we are currently out of stock, waiting for next shippment, do join SGMERC telegram chat to find out more

  6. W206 PHEV C300e out in 2 weeks (23 Feb), with over 100Km range per charge, this time, i will believe Daimler FC numbers
  7. old birds once told me, whatever Daimler tell you, you just * 0.7 = to get your real world SG FC if you believe in that, you will not be disappointed. or ever question Daimler results
  8. Hi,

    my new GLA is coming this month (the new model) and would like to join the GLA chat group.


    Thank you!

    1. rickosw


      kindly send over a selfie of yourself holding the GLA car key infront of your GLA

    2. rickosw


      rick 91289899 - telegram

  9. if your ride is out of warranty , u can consider third party "famous mercs" workshop for service
  10. found the solution to wiper juddering - all the videos / pics are inside SGMERC C klass telegram chat
  11. a member randomy found this, i can confirm, it really works, all the pics & videos are inside SGMERC C klass telegram chat
  12. bro, information about collection of sgmerc decals are in the telegram chat. we hold the collection every other week or so
  13. Good Morning Rickosw

    thanks for the help.

    Now I am in ..............yr telegram.

    much appreciate

    1. rickosw


      thank you for the support

  14. Hi Rickosw 

    can I joined yr Mercs telegram group.

    I register a while back but I can’t view & definitely can’t chat.

    thanks in advance.

    Wans to noe ,where the members send their diesel car too?

    I collected mine ,a preown one,last week

    1. rickosw


      you can join SGMERC telegram chat, there are diesel owners there


    2. fesa704


      Thanks for the reply rickosw

      Can I have the link,sometimes I can see the chat but I can’t post.

      plse help?

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