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  3. Hi, Selling off my original Rays G25 18" rims with F1A5(<10k km) tyres. Condition is still good with some kerb rash. Would need to swap with your original W205 PFL rims. Looking at $1400. Whatsapp me at 8125 three zero three six. Thanks!
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  5. Hi, going to export My S Class soon. Want to swope with any suitable Rims For S Class for $1200. Email me and I will contact you with my HP. Thank You [email protected]
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  7. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 W213 doing dimsport stage 2 tuning package. Attached dyno chart.
  8. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 W213 doing B+ major servicing before doing stage 2 dimsport tuning package.
  9. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 doing servicing, front door lock mechanism replacement and brake system renewal.
  10. Used in excellent condition light usage marks on phone nothing major. Unnoticeable with a case on it. Still has warranty till Sept 2021 on it screen replacement never used before. Looking at $1800 Price is neg. not for picky buyers. Interested PM me directly
  11. Ed17 a warm welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new ride. Enjoy your stay with us!
  12. Hi everyone! This is Edrick here! Booked the A180 Sedan (Denim Blue) few days ago! A pleasure to know all of you and i am looking very much forward to meeting you! :)
  13. AFAIK 1. to keep the air circulation to on / last preference - cannot 2. to change the fuel mileage display from liter/100 km to km/liter - can 3. To keep the Eco mode to off / last preference - cannot but depend on your ride. Mine will start in Comfort Mode and not Eco mode
  14. $400 imho is a very expensive for a diagnostic check. If your car is from C&C and you do your servicing (spark plugs, engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil what ever apply) there according to your mileage or schedule, your engine is 10 years warranty by C&C. My ride is out of warranty but I will continue to do my oil changes at C& C but others like battery, brake pad & rotors, etc I will do it outside and to enjoy that 10 year warranty on engine.
  15. I would not pay for sure since it is still under warranty
  16. Hi! My check engine light was on and the technician told me that it’s covered under the engine warranty, but he tried to charge me a $400 Diagnostic fee. Anyone know if this is common? Thanks!
  17. As above , anyone have the xentry/star software able to perform followings ? - to keep the air circulation to on / last preference - to change the fuel mileage display from liter/100 km to km/liter - To keep the Eco mode to off / last preference Thanks
  18. Hi guys, Letting go C63 bonnet @ $550 nego with swop with your facelifted bonnet in obsidian black, labour on you. Im handing over car on 16 Apr. Keenster, pls pm me on carousel for quick deal. Thx. I’m selling my W204 (Facelift) C63 Bonnet (price reduced) for S$550 here: https://carousell.app.link/TS0T2zgesfb
  19. 14th April 2021. Mercedes A180 doing Elf engine oil servicing and headlamp bulb replacement.
  20. 14th April 2021. Mercedes B200 doing major B+ servicing, front roll bar linkages, engine top console,front rotors and intake hose renewal.
  21. If you wanna find used parts - Propel Autoparts 28 Kranju Road For MB new parts I usually go to Goldenlink - they've a few branches Will be useful to give them your VIN number so they can get the correct parts for you
  22. Hi Guys, can advise me where to find fuel pump and fuel filter (OEM) for W124. It is better also if can get most of W124 spare parts. Thanks. Mr.Joe
  23. 13th April 2021. Mercedes E250 doing headlamp bulbs and driver door window frame replacement.
  24. Hi, Please recommend dealers who can help upgrade the interiors of my C200 Kompressor. I want to upgrade the interior panels etc. Cheers Nikhil
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