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  1. I am using android screen. After searching the internet I realised I need to switch the main console back to the normal screen in order to reset the time. Case closed.
  2. Dear Sir, I just changed my battery and need to reset my clock. Is out by 2hrs. Can anyone advise how I could go about setting the clock pls. thank you in advance
  3. Replaced mine at Sin Ming Auto Center. ATE dust free pads. Unable to recall the shop name. I think is on the 4th floor. Try calling the owner James 92960289.
  4. How much is the door handle for W205?
  5. Original Merc Battery is on offer at AZ Battery now. Around $300 for AMG 80Ah https://www.facebook.com/vartabatteryexpert/videos/723845387949136/
  6. I had CnC to do a full check one month before my warranty expired. They need some major replacement. Ride was in the workshop for a week. My main and aux batteries died on me after the 3rd year. Front wheel bearing on the 4th year. I guess for peace of mind. Good to have another 2 years of warranty but if you hardly drive. Perhaps don't bother. After the warranty. Normal servicing is cheap outside.
  7. I had similar issue with my W205. Just like you I tried changed all the battery but in vain. I struggled for 3 days. Here is the trick.( saw how it was done ) Stand beside the driver's side door with your key. Press the door handle than open the door. For some unknown reason everything will be back to normal.
  8. Forget the CnC nano, go for the Glass coating.
  9. I replaced twice at Autobac. I tried the expensive Japanese brand but is the same as Bosch which is cheaper.
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