Creaking sounds from W205 door panels

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There has been creaking sounds coming from the door panels ever since the first few weeks of purchase. It makes the sounds when going up MSCP ramps, going over humps, etc. (like whenever the car 'flexes'?)

Anyone encountered the same issue? 

If yes, is it because of the rubber seals on the doors or fitting of the door trims or anything else? How to fix it? 

The sound is driving me crazy.

Thank you!

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Cause for me is the windows rubbing against the seal. U can test it by cracking the windows open. If no sound then you should have the same problem as me.

Try to apply a little spray wax att the edge of the window.  It should work for about a week. Take it as part of your car wash routine. 

Brought it in to cnc 3 times still not solved.  

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