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  1. By the way, do you know if when evaporator coil has a leak, compressor oil could also leak from the evaporator ? As it seems that oil is mixed with gas in the system ? Or maybe most oil will remain in the compressor and can hardly leak from the system ? If oil can leak from the evaporator coil, should I find oil under the car when parked ? thanks again !
  2. Ok, so I used a gas leak detector and it seems that the leak is really around the evaporator coil. Is there really nothing else to try but remove the dash completely to change the coil ? I might prefer to refill few times a year until I decide to change it if the only solution is to remove the dashboard.
  3. Hello, What is weird is that the stealer didn't use dye or sniffer to tell me that there is a leak... And do you know if it's bad to use aircon with low gaz level ? Thank you.
  4. hello, My aircondition is not cool anymore after 6 years without doing anything (I don't know if I should have done some maintenance ?), but when I add some gas, it's cool again. Is it correct to think that we should never have to add any gas ? So it means that it's leaking ? And if it's leaking, is it true that we have to remove the dashboard to change the evaporating coil (or anything it is called) ? Is it the only solution to fix aircon problem ? and if anyone removes the full dashboard, is it better to just change the whole aircon system, compressor included ? (where is it locate
  5. Hello, do you know if it's more expensive when having it changed by the dealer ? Did you change it yourself without any problem ? Thanks.
  6. hello, so a 4 years battery should be changed when Benz dealer tell me to do it ? I didn't get any message on the car computer but the dealer said that it should be changed...
  7. Oh ! Very interesting to know, thank you ! So it could be a sign that the battery will need to be changed soon. Do you know if I should change it as soon as start / stops fails ? Or can I wait longer without risk if I disable start/stop ? (but maybe if the battery is too weak, this function will automatically be disabled ?) Thank you so much !
  8. Thank you, and will the car suddenly refuse to start or will it show warning first ?
  9. Thank you, what is a AGM battery ? And also, I cannot find the exact reference of the battery in my C-class. Any idea ?
  10. Hello, Can you tell me what is the brand of the battery that we get when the car is new ? And is it better to buy the same brand ? Have you checked if it's cheaper to buy it somewhere else but Benz dealer ? Thank you.
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