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Mercedes-Benz Owned

  1. Very good condition BREMBO AMG BBK 6/4 with e- hand brake. Item dekitted. Use previously on C180 W205. Direct bolt on.. complete set with brackets. Need min 19" rims to clear. Disk 380mm front and back. Looking at 2.8k. WhatsApp me at 8200 4704 if keen.
  2. 1) New rear carnard for w205 Amgline bumper. Brand new! -$10 only! I have 1 pair for c class w205 2) original rear diffuser from C200 Amgline for sale. For w205 c class Amgline. Without the chrome tip at $50 3) selling off 1 year old Revozport carbon fibre spoiler to change look. Just had the whole spoiler polished with 3 layers of coating done. Comes with red trim on the side and in the middle and Revozport logo done up by the jj decal hub James quek the sticker man. Pls view pictures. In superb excellent condition!!!!! View to believe! Selling at $700. first come first serve. Light and sporty looks. It is exceedingly beautiful. For all CLA except shooting brake. Can fit c class w205 as well. Interested text me (Kean) at 81111002. . Please whatsapp me kean at 81111002
  3. Hi All! My name is Wren, nice to meet you all. I've just purchased my C180 today and currently awaiting for it to be ready from the dealer shop. Super excited because this is my FIRST EVER CAR. My girlfriend and I purchased it with our own savings and earnings. So we are extremely humbled and proud of our milestone together. If there are any tips, tricks or things to look out for, please let us know. We are super green when it comes to cars. I was thinking of doing some touch up to the car to make it look more youthful (But not zeng till 12th floor people can hear my car) Ceramic coating LCD screen Headlights/ tail light Emblem with light Cosmetic wrap(?) on the interior Servicing (of course) Please let me know if you have any lobang or if you know any workshop in JB that does it cheap! Thank you in advance and I really am looking forward to this journey
  4. Mercedes C Class W205 / A205 / C205 & GLC X253 / C253 Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades PAIR 550mm & 550mm (22" & 22") Cash & Carry for $50. Cheapest seller in singapore for C Class W205 / A205 / C205 & GLC X253 / C253 Bosch Wiper. New stock. Feel free to whatsapp me at 96566659.
  5. Hello and greetings everyone! I’m a new and noob owner of an abused W205. Keen to network and make new friends. Where should I start with? Any chatgroup? Thank you.
  6. Hi all, Recently my w204 started having unstable / fluctuating rpm movements (between 800 - 1000rpm), accompanied by a whine each time it fluctuates up. It only happens with the air con turned on, during parking, neutral and drive mode. Brought to a workshop and they said throttle is dirty, recommended a clean up of the throttle body. Another workshop suggested that it could be the air flow sensor / valve. Was wondering if any one experienced the same, and could offer some guidance, please. Thanks!
  7. Hi all Just wanted to check am I overcharged or is this normal for my servicing sorry first time owing a c class
  8. Looking for the 2012 Facelift AMG package rear bumper. If you have one to let go or selling your ride, am very interested in buying it from you with swap. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I am selling my W205 AMG Line 4 pot front brake kit. Whole set comes with Calipers/rotors/pads/brake lines. Direct fit to C180 and C200 non amg line models, and a fantastic upgrade for better braking! $1600. PM to discuss further. *sorry for the dark pictures, its due to the home orange lights*
  10. If you have one, do PM me.
  11. Used W204 C Class car mats. These are genuine AMG mats purchased from C&C previously. No tears, no major stains. Washed once (but can be done better). Sold as-is. Self collect from East. Condition 9.6/10 (cuz its used lolz) $70 take and go. Thanks all.
  12. Looking at 2009-2010 C180, whats the difference between CGI and kompressor? This is my first time exploring merc, wondering is it expensive for maintainance this car? I am also thinking of renewing COE if the ride is good. Previously thinking IS250 but the road tax is alot more expensive for renewing COE. Thank you!
  13. WTS original staggered AMG RIMS with CSC5 tyres for C Class Front 225/45 R18 Rear 245/40 R18 WA for photos or more details. used less than 10000km need to swap with original 17 rims
  14. Hi guys, i'm driving c180. When i'm at a slope shifting my gear from P to R, there will be a big jerk. Anybody encounter this too? Thanks in advance!
  15. Original Mercedes AMG flat bottom steering wheel ,used. Comes with unique original mercedes C63 AMG airbag with leather stitching on airbag. Bought fr benzline at 1.8k. Letting go at $650 inclusive of airbag as dekitting. Plug and play. Msg me at 96502414 if keen.
  16. Hey guys, I'm driving a 2014 w204 c180. Sometimes my car is having these 2 issues. Help appreciated. Thanks! 1. Especially when driving up slope, sometimes the car will produce this knocking sound (not sure if its from engine or transmission) for a while till gear shift. Only happen once a while. 2. Sharp jerk when gear change from 2 to 1. Especially when you press on the gas hard on initial and release the pedal. The jerk is quite prominent.
  17. Believe some of the member buy their own parts and bring to workshop to replace them. I am one of them. Just like to share what I have paid so far. Feel free to share what you have paid as well. (Also can comment that I am a carrot, if you deem it is too expansive. ) For 2010 W204 C180 CGI (All price below are labour only): Spark Plug Change- $60 Brake Pads, F & R- $120 Front Stabiliser Linkage, both side- $40 Air and Aircon Filter- $25 Also done alternator, water pump, assorted pulleys, v-belt change before, parts by the workshop- labour $300 F & R Absorber- $250 Thermostat, some hose, coolant replacement- $100
  18. Latest mod
  19. Hi guys, selling my orgiGinal Mercedes bonnet from my c180 coupe. In good condition, replaced it with an aftermarket one so have no use for it. It's the factory silver/light blue Color but can be resprayed black or any Color to suit. Pick up only from Punggol waves. $300.
  20. Taiwan Made. 2 months old only. Selling at $180 $150 $120. SOLD.......Thanks. Item dekit and now at my installer place. Can view and collect there or pay him to install at a fee. SOLD...SOLD...SOLD....... Thanks.
  21. Wts the following high quality items additional item laying in my store music knob $80 each Audio on/off knob and button $50 2pcs keychain black or brown $65 can msg me at 91396664 to deal
  22. Dekit my W204.. If interested pls let me know. 2. Single fin grille, chrome sides with black netting. No scratch. Can't remember how much I bought, but I intend to go for $100.. otherwise pls offer. Pls bear labor charges.. 5. Original MB engine air filter $30 Interested pls PM
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