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  1. Congrats on your new ride! I guess importantly is the octane level. For me, I go to SPC as it's the nearest to my place, although I do pump Shell V-power at time when they are on promo (as price as 98) Personally, I find SPC Levo98 ok....no complaint.
  2. I meant C-class W205... My CLK is already scrapped in my sweet memories....
  3. OPPS!! Sorry for asking you to try pull out the emblem on the airbag!! Anyway, the aftermarket steering badge actually looks not too bad!
  4. Try searching Carousell. Someone by the nick of swan_gent selling 52mm MB, AMG, Brabus design steering wheel emblem for $10. Guess you'd need to try remove your existing one from your steering wheel first. Hope this is a cheaper rectification option.
  5. Haha, as you know I am also looking for BBK calipers.........but got to be very wary of fake or refurbished sets out there.
  6. 3rd party rims will not void warranty, but they will indicate in the service record that your rims are not original. As for brakes, I guess they might void if you change them. Are you referring to the "orrrr.....orrrr" sound when you brake at low speed?
  7. That's really OUCH!! Really makes me ponder how engine oil can leak into the wire harness and almost get into the ECU. I never had such issues with my previous JAP Cars...haizz
  8. I got mine replaced and mixed at Chip Soon, original Mercedes parts; and cost me less than $1k. Did you replace the ECU too?
  9. So now the issue is resolved after replacing a brand new ECU and programmed? I remembered my previous CLK has engine oil leaking through the wire harness and it almost got into the ECU. Was lucky that the ECU wasn't damaged, but I have to replace some engine oil seals and the entire set of wire harness.
  10. You can look under the audio and in-car entertainment, Elebest. You can text him to check. Max Yao +65 9733 5000
  11. Welcome, Ryan! Must do for Merc?? Hmmm....Must wash your front rims every other days!
  12. Think it's more like $191K for a 2.3yrs car. Likely to be a typo. $32k/yr depreciation, you might as well go for a CLS or S class
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