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  1. @Prestigious thanks for the input. noted with thanks.
  2. @SQ88 Absolutely. It also reflects the serious lack of product knowledge as well. I am not even sure if the sales and service teams are able to keep up with the features rolled out within the similar models but different batches. Anyway, sometimes things they say just doesn't add up. I recalled having a short conversation with my SE on the climate control when I was briefed about a ~2 sec delay (switching from position 1 to position 2) when pushing the rocker switch rapidly upwards. After position 2, the rest of the position response to the clicks instantly. One would instantly detect that it could be a fault due to the delay in response. However, it was explained as a "protection" mechanism built in to "protect" the A/C compressor. When I asked "....Then why in "Auto" mode, the climate control will just go into full blast when the engine is first start up....." the reply I got was ".. Oh the sensor is trying to bring the temp in car to the settings configured...." erm.... one would wonder... what happened to the "protect the A/C compressor theory..." I must admit that i am not a trained mechanic. This reply sounds reasonable...I guess... Hence can only take in such comment with a "pinch of salt" but what else can i do. Only to compare notes with fellow w205 owners. I recently also learnt that not all w205 brought in to SG are the same. This adds to the confusion (at least for me) on what and who is right.. I guess have to read the manual to get an answer. By now, many would just say .. just enjoy the ride.. which is true too..so far.. I love the ride and drive of this car. very different compared to the w246. Nevertheless, thanks @SQ88 for your valuable input. I guess what's left is to consult the SA and see what i get from them. Now, making the appt and driving in and waiting and explaining .... such a hassle... (lazy me )
  3. @SQ88 thx for the input. Will consult service advisor about this. However, am also prepared for answers like '.... is like that one.... .'..
  4. @Ivo Just collected pre FL w205. Switched from w246. During collection, I started the engine. Air con blower started immediately. SE informed me that this is normal. Not to worry. No need to off the aircon... However, in all my previous rides, I have to habit to switch it off upon reaching my destination. Hence just wanted to conduct a simple poll if it is a common practice or am I thinking too much. Still learning about the vehicle. Also, once I turn on the air con at position 1 while driving to a nearby location. Upon reaching, I realized that I cannot switch the air con off immediately by pushing the rocker switch downwards. It simply doesn't allow it. I have to actually push it up to 2 and only then it allows me to turn it off completely. Not sure if this is by design or a fault. I noticed that the rocker switch also doesn't allow you to increase the power of the air con blower upwards upon rapid clicking. It will skip one click. For example, push up once (position 1) push up again (nothing happens) push up third time (position 2). This was in line with the demo by the SE during collection as well. However, is this true? Maybe fellow w205 owners can enlighten me. Thanks thanks ..
  5. Hi bro/sis, Short question : do you switch off the aircon in your car after your journey or do you just leave it and just kill the engine? Thx.
  6. @Gideon Well said!! Absolutely. An additional remark I can contribute would be the grooming of new vehicle. Or lets just say the basic cleaning before handing over a new vehicle to the owner. Both my rides were in an unacceptable state when it was handed over to me. One may argue that this might be subjective as each has their own acceptance level. To that, I completely agree. Just to share my experiences, my W246 on collection day was full of water stain marks in the interior! All the door panels, dashboard and boot. These were visible, large patches of water stain marks. I have to actually point it out to the SE. Which means either no inspection was done or just going thru the motion. Fault was attributed to the guy applying the solar film. Not a big problem some would say. I agree. However, it is a huge disappointment as it was our first MB. Premium indeed. Subsequently, sudden acceleration, wiper juddering.etc ... all within first 6 months... Again some might say not a big problem.. but still it was a new car! Recently, I collected my W205. As collection time was in the evening, lighting was rather dim at the collection bay. Or maybe I am indeed blind. After the brief I happily drove off only to discover in horror that there were thick layer of dirt along the trim line of the vehicle and under the handle ... rear wind screen (area between the boot and screen) ... When took pictures to show the SE, he explained that there are a lot of construction site around the MB center hence the dirt. I was disappointed nonetheless. I am quite sure we can differentiate surface dirt and thick layers of dirt formed over an extended duration. 3 weeks on and the wiper juddering is slowly but surely happening.... Did not pursue the matter as after all they are mere employees making a living. Surely, some might say not a big issue ... To that, I say, to each his/her own. My thoughts after reading your post is that if C&C will ever improve in their service standards or quality of their work since it is not in their core business (selling)? After all, MB is just one of the many brands C&C distributes. Up market/premium it may be but still just another label under their brand name. Would Daimler the correct or the better channel to escalate such matter of poor service delivery of their vehicle? Would Daimler pay more attention to such poor execution, as compared to C&C, which in turn tarnish their reputation and brand name? Perhaps such feedback may even provoke their awareness that C&C may not be the best player in the market to represent them? It is clear to see that Daimler has a strategy to expand into the mass market segment. This is evident with the recent launch of the A class sedan model. If successful, It doesn't take an expert to know that the next thing that would happen is the forming of bottlenecks in their service centers. Already the queue is rather long for routine checks and services. Let alone "investigation" of report for new vehicles. All this attributes to a brand image, values and message sent to their competitors. C&C started a make shift service center at sin ming area. Not sure what kind of service quality will be dished out there. In my opinion, as a customer, C&C has grown accustom to negative feedback from their buyers and are just immune to it. Being in control of this brand for an extended period of time may perhaps have cultivated this arrogant and dismissive attitude in their crew, which honestly reflects badly on the MB brand name. @Gideon Thanks for opening this channel for sharing experiences and thoughts.. Cheers.
  7. @DaveevanHey bro.. hope your servicing went well. May I ask how much did C&C charge for Service A for W205? Thanks.
  8. @Daveevan Yes you can, the "recep" will ask if you have a preferred S.A when you are registering.
  9. Hi, is it true that thinkware in car cam can only use micro SD from thinkware? Was told of this when I collected my car recent. Thanks for your advise.
  10. Came across a topic similar (somewhat) to your question. FYR.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MERCEDES-cars-ECO-start-stop-OFF-just-an-OBD-plug-most-of-MB-cars-supported/252811119026?hash=item3adcb789b2:g:M~EAAOSw2iJa-n9S
  11. @RT6280 Thx again for sharing. currently in the Q awaiting collection of my W205. This info is definitely not encouraging. Let's see. Cheers.
  12. @RT6280 Bro, any early warning or did it just fail without any warning? Thx for sharing.
  13. @tanwill Thanks for the encouraging words. Was getting disappointed by the more I read in the forum. ....rattling sound from windows ...Juddling wippers... all these are from the CORE models forum which i believe are reviews from owners... Recently committed to a pre FL W205 (last batch..clear stock) @ the Vivo roadshow.. package was rather attractive ... did little research ... hoping for the best now .... I did highlight to the SE that i am not so sure about the quality from the S.A factory ... anyway, lets see .... Thank you very much for your inout.. Appreciate it..
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