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Hi there everyone, 


Booked my ride on 1st week August. 

Got the ride at $179888 + $10000 (AMG LINE PACKAGE) 

Changed the rims from the AMG LINE PACKAGE to the Black AMG LINE RIM ( additional $1500).   

Colour: White 


Anyone knows when will the earliest arrival of this car?

"On Paper" it indicates Nov/Dec 2013, hearsay fro forum Dec/Jan 2014.  

Sales Executive : Kinda non-existence .... Don't know anything ... 


Was told 1st batch CLA200 delivered in Sept 2013, ours should be in Nov/Dec, but under the fine print part... 


I have the same problem. I also booked my ride on the 1st week of August. Now they have told me the estimate delivery date is Jan/Feb

Super siannnnnnnnnnn

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Hi all, I just got my CLA recently. Sharing my joy with all

Hi all, i collected my facelift CLA 180 on 25 Nov. New member here. . .   

Posted Images

I am interested in the CLA200, but as all bros here mentioned, the delivery is a couple of months down the road. Can anyone advise me how to to deal with the trade-in of my current ride? This will determine the loan that I'm going to take.


Seems like SE doesn't want to offer a price, and if you insist, they quote a very low price. How do you overcome this?

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First of all.... U need to decide how much are you willing to lose when you want to trade in... but at least you have a ride until you take your new car...OR.. you sell your ride yourself as early as you sign for a new ride...(also depends on the loan quota)... for it normally takes quite a while to do that... but you can get a more reasonable price for it.... So it's still up to you... what is your priority... $$$ or a mode of transport....

I'm prepared to meet my Maker...

Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter - Winston Churchill

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when my friend bought his ride, he was offered a certain price for his current car... after overtrade it may still seem quite low if compared to direct selling but at least he get to drive for 3 months till the new car comes.... not easy selling used car now and the price would have dropped 3 months down the road... price of his used car is locked when he signed for the new car...

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For hassle free, trade in because bridging of insurance and handover of car when collecting new car is really quite fuss free...

If sell it at your own then it's a matter of timing, believe insurance NCD is only applicable once for one driver. Also, depending of if u manage to secure a buyer earlier or later than your collect date, u may end up having to bear with no car (provided this your only ride) or pay for two parking lots, repectively..

For me. I prefer fuss free. Handover during collection... :)

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