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Guest merc.y

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Guest kepiting1sg

merc.y wrote:

Got my ride yesterday!

Now for some big time POISON!!!!!

*Need to know where to do this MB Command system>??? anyone? for ipod, hp...

Your 2006 probably comes with Audio 20 HU.

U can retrofit the latest COMAND NTG 2.5.

U will have the following features:

6.5" LCD Screen

1. MB GPS Navigation with 2011 MB South East Asia

2. choice of single DVD or 6 Disc DVD Changer

3. 40 Gb Hard Disk with 4 Gb Hard Disk Space (Music Register) for storing your mp3, wma or m4a songs. Rest for Navigation, Logs & Gracenotes(song data base)

4. Blue Tooth Telephone

5. Linguatronics Voice Control (If your current steering is wired up with the voice control button). With Voice Control - U can use it to control Navigation, Telephone, DVD, Calling Radio stations on your FM.

6. Provision for Reverse Camera.

7. Slot for SD card - takes up to at least 16Gb SDHC for your songs(mp3,wma,m4a)

8. iPod connectivity options.

Full control on steering for all above functions including display on your instrument cluster. i.e on your instrument clusters U will see song titles, phone listing, DVD tracks, song tracks, name of roads in navigation, distance to your next turn, etc.,

For Navigation, when the car goes into a tunnel eg. KPE,the GPS antenna lose it signals, but Navigation continues by monitoring the wheel speed and directions of travel to continue Navigation until U get out of the tunnel & get GPS signals again.

With the above information, now probably U understand why this is a >$12,000 option :lol:

U can have COMAND - which is a >$12,000 option at the point of indenting your car from CnC.

Even now U want to pay $12,000, CnC do not do retrofit.

COMAND actually stands for COckpit Management And Naviqation Device

Our resident MB COMAND Retrofit Specialist can do this for you.

He his also 1 of our site sponsor.


His nick is camber53 aka Gregeory.

Another guy from HK - ricric_lo aka Ricky Lo from HK informed me that he has paid up also as a site sponsor too.

Both Ricky & Gregeory has done dozens of COMAND retrofit for rides in Sinqapore.

Gregeory actually did the retrofit COMAND NTG 4 for my W212.

Gregeory will probably be doing the COMAND NTG 2.5 (meant for your ride too) retrofit for my new ML300 arriving next month or August.

If U need more information U can contact me, Gregeory or Ricky.

BTW Ricky makes frequent visits to Singapore.

Indeed we are very fortunate to have this 2 guys.

In the past to do such retrofits, some enthusiasts here brought in the MB retrofit gurus from UK - Mitesh or BenzMod aka Miro from Australia.

The installations not only instal the COMAND NTG 2.5 HU but to enable the Video In Motion cos for safety reasons MB default do not allow the HU to play Videos when the car is on the move.

They must have the developer software -latest 2011 to code your ECU to accept the retrofit.

Like to reiterate that no one else in Singapore beside these 2 mentioned guys can only do the retrofit of COMAND. Not even CnC, MBM, AutoSpritze or any workshops here.

BTW Congrats on your new ride!:hand:

Enjoy your ride!

Have fun!:music:


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Guest merc.y

WOW! Thanks bro for the info..... damn exciting!

But the money part of it is not...

I will call Greg. Do you have his contact... PM me... \Cheers!

Thanks again!

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merc.y wrote:

Got my ride yesterday!

Now for some big time POISON!!!!!

*Need to know where to do this MB Command system>??? anyone? for ipod, hp...

Hi Merc.y, congrats on your new ride.i am also looking for a CLS too... can u share how much you pay for for your ride? Cheers!

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Hi All

Reading this thread with lot of interests

And I need some advices here

Back to the original questions

How or Where to covert the the current back 4 seater to 5 seaters?

Also is the current CLS is a 5 seater, any possibility to fish it to W219?


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