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  1. Hi there! assuming your car has been well maintained with little to no modification, you should have no problems enjoying ownership into the next COE cycle.
  2. Hello Glitchz, Try writing to Werner Karach & Co at the link below. They might have something in their inventory of spares to suit your vehicle. http://karasch-mb.com/en/classic-spare-parts.html
  3. Hello jtang, after some research, I believe this is a post that has been replicated across various platforms. Moreover, there has not been any officially written approach to the committee with regards to this event. Whilst we are firm believers in supporting good causes, we urge members to exercise their own discretion should they wish to volunteer their time and effort towards this cause. I trust this clarifies our position. Thank you.
  4. Yeah mate sounds like your rear absorbers are shot. Best to have it checked asap.
  5. Just to share, I've been on 2 celllink external battery setups on 2 separate platforms over the past 3.5 years and its been behaving perfectly fine. The newer celllink batteries have a better designed capacitor (super capacitor apparently whatever that means). Both systems were installed at my goto car audio shop (this matters a lot to me as they've always done a proper wiring job!)
  6. The vibration is anyone's wild guess without having inspected your mounts, pulleys, injectors etc as there are so many different types of vibrations! It sounds like you've always brought the car back to C&C so I would suggest you send it back there for an opinion and do checks on your cars subsystems to ensure everything is performing well.
  7. 1. If your ceramic pads still squeak after they have been warmed up, the squeak may be caused by a couple of other factors such as disc rotors not being flat, metal plate backing on the brake pads not sufficiently greased when mounted. Might take a few trips to your favourite garage to have it sorted. 2. Does the car vibrate similarly when you shift it into Reverse / Neutral or Park ?
  8. The recommended oil for your vehicle falls under the MB229.5 specification (this is stated in your user manual) Mobil 1 0W-40 falls under this specification. The HT/HS rating for this oil exceeds the recommended 3.5 HT/HS stands for High Temperature/High Shearing Resistance.
  9. R class factory 18" are 8" in width and run an ET60 offset S class factory 18" are 8.5" in width and run an ET43 offset I'd assume based on the offset alone, the R class wheels may be sitting too close to the suspension strut/spring/related components on the S class. Wouldn't know exactly unless a test fitment is done. Also the 1/2 inch wider wheel width might mean a different tyre selection.
  10. Very nice S400, congratulations!
  11. Unfortunately, the input/output speed sensors on the conductor board are the weak links in the conductor board. At least there are reliable repair solutions available nowadays - imagine in the not so distant past where it was mainly a 1 to 1 gearbox exchange policy much like the current Porsche PDK gearbox made by ZF.
  12. 722.9 boxes typically suffer from one of 2 issues, yours being the conductor plate with the speed sensors attached to them and the other common fault being the valve body. Good to know you've got it all sorted and heres wishing you plenty more happy motoring years!
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