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Should I buy a W212 E300 3.0L V6 to replace my W124 E280 I6


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I am looking to purchase a w212 E300 COE 2010 model, the one with the V6 engine. I am currently driving a W124 E280 I6 1994. 

Engine wise, there is nothing to complain about and I have the option to extend 10 years COE. But the W124 is still getting old and despite changing my interior to carbon fibre, white LED lights on some of the internal buttons and also plasma-display on the instrument clusters, the car still feel dated without the safety features and modern tech of new mercs.

I would like to hear your opinions, please.

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I owned a W212 E300 a few years ago. Now i run a W124 300CE. Seemed like we headed in opposite direction.. LOL!

The W212 feels much more modern of course, but has the trad Merc feeling of solidness and well-being, which is absent from W210/211 (i feel).

Engine doesn't like revving and feels a bit coarse at the top end, not the finest V6 around IMO. FC is less than 8kml if that matters to you. 

The AVG variant with the 15mm lower set up will feel hard and crashy after your W124, the Elegance is softer riding. 

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Thanks ToeKneE_33 for replying.

I also read your post with regards to your E300 that had problem because of the hot weather. This is something that hardly happened in my E280 but I had some problem in the past with overheating when then fan didn't work well.

Why did you decided to give up the w212 and go for the CE?


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I went from the W212 to a Lexus GS450h as my main car, with a COE Civic FN2R as the second car. The Lexus is now replaced by an Audi A6 3L. The CE replaced the FN.

There was only that one occasion in the heat that the E300 failed. After that it was mainly wear and tear. I sold it after covering about 76,000km in 3 years. Seemed quite tough, but of course no where compared to the Lexus, which was basically trouble-free.


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Thanks for more insights.

Was your E300 a AD or PI? Interestingly now on the market there is only 2 E300 available, one from PI and one from AD. Although the PI unit is a lot better looking, I am concern about buying PI unit especially if certain repairs require the AD's support. I have heard stories about AD not supporting PI units and putting them on long waitlist.


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Thanks again for your advise.

I have decided to proceed with the change.

There is a lot of reluctance in this change, I have to admit. The M104 engine has a strong reputation to be a very reliable workhouse and it pulls strongly. For a car that is close to 30 years, she purrs sweetly. I have invested quite significantly, changing the dated looking wood paneling to carbon fibre, original AMG 17" rims sourced from UK, plasma lightings on the instrument clusters, leather re-upholstery 10 years ago.... there are more good memories.

Well, if you know of anyone who would like to takeover before I scrap it, do share. I hope to find someone who can continue to take care of her. I would like to keep her as well, but unfortunately this may not be a sound financial decision... she is such a prominent part of Merc history.

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