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22nd March 2023. Mercedes CLA180 in for seat mat error issue. Problem solved. 


22nd March 2023. Mercedes C180 doing major B+ servicing package, front upper arms, coolant thermostat and brake pads upgrade. 


22nd March 2022. Mercedes S400 in the shop for BMC intake filter upgrade.


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20th April 2023. Mercedes E200 doing servicing using elf  engine oil,coolant thermostat, coolant reservoir cap and coolant renewal. 


20th April 2023. Mercedes E280 doing alternator, radiator and coolant hoses replacement. 


20th April 2023. Mercedes CLA45S doing brake system servicing. 


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4th May 2023. Mercedes CLA45 doing Cel system too rich error repair works.


4th May 2023. Mercedes GLA250 doing routine servicing and checks. 


4th May 2023. Mercedes GLC250 doing servicing and rear absorber mountings. 


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