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  1. Following item has been dekitted 11-Blade Hybrid Turbo - $1600 Rated for 330hp/ 500Nm Fits 2015 onwards C180 C200 C250 Fits 2016 onwards GLC200 250 Fits 206 onwards E200 E250 E300 You may contact me at 8228 2050 for any inquiries. Installation can be arrange at your own cost.
  2. DTE PedalBox Improves your Vehicles Acceleration through advance Accelerator Tuning Technology that does not void your precious Warranty! Faster start-up, better acceleration and confident overtaking. We have this for Almost Every Application! - 3 Driving Modes - 2 Fine Tunes - 1 Goal Price: [BRAND NEW]: $350.00 NETT [email protected] 8228 2050
  3. Want to sell a almost new Sprint Booster V2. This device will take away the slow throttle response you're currently feeling. Making it more lively and ready to overtake when you put your foot down! This item does not void your warranty and is agent FRIENDLY! Selling at $150 with installation for ALL Mercedes Models [email protected] 8228 2050
  4. Bilstein B4 is a factory replacement shocks. If you would want better handling yet retaining the comfort of a Mercedes you won't be disappointed by the B6. It's a little price to pay to experience something different. Cheers
  5. Hi Alex, thanks for mentioning. There's actually a Bilstein B12 Lift Kit to increase the height of the GLA.
  6. Having a Mercedes definitely means business and comfort is what they do best. But what If I want to have some fun? I realise coming from an C class, my new E Class definitely have a lot to work on in the handling department. During the Covid, I had a lot of time and began the search for the ultimate suspension system. It was a dilemma between performance, comfort and of course the price. I didn't want to spend too much, neither do I want to compromise any comfort and that's how I threw taiwanese suspension outside of the picture. I went looking at this 2 powerhouses of suspension system namely KW Suspension and our familiar Bilstein. I shortlisted a few which is the KW V1 and the Bilstein B12 Pro kit. The prices are in the comfortable 2k~ range. However, there was little to no information being talked about on YouTube or Forums over the world. Being on my own, it was a very very tough decision to weigh the pros on it. Asking myself many What ifs... Will the car be too low? Will the car be too high? Will the car be too soft/hard? Will the car behave How I want it to be? Eventually I gave up, as the KW V3 was definitely out of what I want to spent especially with many users sharing the experience of the KWs to be quite shortlived. With the assumption of having a fully adjustable suspension system to be very expensive I did not ask about the cost of the Bilstein's offering of their B16 PSS10 suspension system... Few days passed... My nerves got back and I decided to just check how much would it actually cost. To my surprise it wasn't that far of a difference from the B12 and definitely much cheaper than what a KW V3 would cost me. I went ahead and pull the trigger and in less than a week I got a call from the workshop to head down for installation! Here comes installation day, looking at the beautifully and robustly built suspension. Its definitely a lot of notches up from the stock suspension. Be it the diameter, the weight and the construction it all speaks quality. The B16 PSS10 comes with 10 individual settings that twitches both the compression and rebound. It is suppose to feel vastly different 1 setting from the another and the higher the number goes the sportier it gets. I decide to start with the factory preset height and the softest setting. Down came the hoist the car was at about 1.5 fingers in the front and 1 finger in the back after a week of settling the springs. It was sheer driving pleasure, amazing in the corners and of course in the straights. I was able to feel the road better, handle sharper to my input but still giving me all those comfort that I can still call it a Mercedes. I decided to go up a few notch to setting 4 and the car immediately feels differently altogether. It gave up some the comfort, I was able to feel much more feedback from the road and its start drawing away from being the comfortable E Class I thought. I felt this setting was probably better If I would like to go on the track. All in all, I think the B16 PSS10 is a excellent contender with a amazing price to match. Certainly it does cost more than taiwanese suspension. But I certainly think that the robustness, comfort and compliance from German Engineering will be able to shine its way through my daily drives and ownership of the car. You can reach out to Carcreed Pte Ltd, they're the one who made this suspension upgrade possible. Thanks for reading.
  7. SOLD
  8. Hello, I have bought a set of Bilstein B12 Pro kit for my GLA200 but decided not to proceed as my wheel offset requires more precise adjustment. Thus I'm consigning the sale of my kit to my workshop.. It will fit all X156 GLA including the GLA45. Price: $1880 with installation Whatsapp me @ 8228 2050
  9. PRICE REDUCED TO $2000!
  10. Removed from my car is a C43 Brake set FRONT & REAR. Comes with Front & Rear Rotors, Brake Pads and Stainless Steel Brake Hose Cash & Carry. These brakes have QR Code and is vouch to be AUTHENTIC else 200% Refund. They will fit directly to W205 C class, W213 E Class and X253 GLC without ADAPTORS! ONLY 11,000KM done on them and lots of life left. ASKING FOR ONLY $2500 CASH & CARRY [email protected] 8228 2050
  11. Bought this for my W205 FACELIFT but couldn't clear my rims... So have to let it go... My loss is your gain. Fits W205 & W213 & X253. [email protected] Asking $2400
  12. Removed from C200 AMG Line. Brembo 4 pot with Mercedes-Benz wording plug n play for W205 & W213 ONLY Asking $1,200 Whatsapp 8228 2050 to inquire
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