C43 Rims on W205 and W205 Stability

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First of all, I apologize that I don't contribute much as I'm quite quiet in forum. Not used to comment as I'm quite noob and not very active online. I have some questions and hope to have some comments.

I'm bought a 2nd hand C200 W205 AMG styling. Wheel specs are Front : 7.5Jx18 ET44, Rear 8.5Jx18 ET49 staggered setup. One of the rim warp as previous owner didn't take care. I managed to find C43 AMG rim with this setup

Front Wheels: 7.5Jx18 ET33 
Rear Wheels: 8.5Jx18 ET49 (no change from current setup)

I have installed and it looks fine. Front was flush. Looks more sporty. I have look thru many web sites and recommendation was 245/40R18. Can I use 255/40R18 on the rear? I hope to make it more flush and improve stability or should I use Wheel Spacer? I can't seems to find any info on this but not sure if any bros can advise.


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Using the 255/40 over the 245/40, you will get a pretty straight looking sidewall as opposed to a rounded one.

For wheel spacers, most will advise you not to use it as it may create issues like vibrations...

but if you intend to, look for hub-centric ones. the thinest hub centric spacer should be 12mm.

I would not advise doing both. using a 12mm spacer to protrude the wheel and using 255/40 which straightens the sidewall, you may encounter fender rubbing.



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Hi dagger,

Thanks for your advise. Btw, what's the issue with Straight looking sidewall as opposed to rounded one?

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