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  1. it can happen to just about any car that runs on direct fuel injection (having a high pressure fuel pump in the engine bay). Just occasionally at cold start, open up the bonnet and check (through smell) if there is presence of fuel. Good checking habits (just like checking oil and coolant levels, temps) will ensure a good running and healthy vehicle.
  2. yes it is possible, you can choose between both setups.... quite a number of variants/shops for you to choose from for the hybrid turbo...
  3. Hi, i would like to check with the new owners of the facelifted C200 (1.5T) versions, if any of you can advice on the turbo model/part number? thank you!
  4. i asked seller which you linked to RHD and they mentioned they are all LHD.
  5. The last photo where i circled shows where the high pressure fuel pump is, which the metal cover sits over. The hoses can be located below. The one you circled with the zip tie, thats the electrical connector to the pump.
  6. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000001997476.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.66122e0eaJkzNb It's sgd195 in aliexpress.
  7. You can fully open, just need more prying. on the right side of the intake box are 2 hinges, the top cover can be unlatched from there. (not needed for changing the filter, but if you want to vacuum the box this provides more clearance.
  8. Loosening the clamp of the turbo inlet hose to the top cover may help a little. But you won't be able to remove the top cover fully. Just pry it open enough to slide the filter in and out.
  9. Using the 255/40 over the 245/40, you will get a pretty straight looking sidewall as opposed to a rounded one. For wheel spacers, most will advise you not to use it as it may create issues like vibrations... but if you intend to, look for hub-centric ones. the thinest hub centric spacer should be 12mm. I would not advise doing both. using a 12mm spacer to protrude the wheel and using 255/40 which straightens the sidewall, you may encounter fender rubbing.
  10. yes, all is good. been monitoring since March 4th, no fuel smell in engine bay. Had the car sitting for a whole week as well, restarted (no fuel smell)..... after a short drive, still no fuel smell... so all is good!
  11. quite curious bro, on your list of mods and where you tuned/dyno your ride. care to share via pm? thanks...
  12. yours should be the 7G transmission, you will need about 7L, plus the trans filter and tray gasket.
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