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    2012 W204 C200 CGI Palladium Silver W Panoramic SR

    My Mods:
    1. AMG 18" Rims with CSC3
    2. AMG 6/4 Combo BBK
    3. AMG Boot lid spoiler
    4. Roof spoiler

    Future Mods:
    1. Front grill
    2. HID/Xenon
    3. Bodykit
    4. LTA legal dual outlet exhaust
    5. AMG foot pedal

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  1. Hi dagger, Thanks for your advise. Btw, what's the issue with Straight looking sidewall as opposed to rounded one?
  2. First of all, I apologize that I don't contribute much as I'm quite quiet in forum. Not used to comment as I'm quite noob and not very active online. I have some questions and hope to have some comments. I'm bought a 2nd hand C200 W205 AMG styling. Wheel specs are Front : 7.5Jx18 ET44, Rear 8.5Jx18 ET49 staggered setup. One of the rim warp as previous owner didn't take care. I managed to find C43 AMG rim with this setup Front Wheels: 7.5Jx18 ET33 Rear Wheels: 8.5Jx18 ET49 (no change from current setup) I have installed and it looks fine. Front was flush. Looks more sporty. I hav
  3. Any tuning package for W205 C200 and what kind of improvement to expect? Can PM? Thanks
  4. C200 W204 C63 6/4 Full set for sale. - Caliper, Single Piece Rotor and Brake pads - Additional 1 Full set of unused brake pad. - Rotor and Brake pad in good condition. No need to change. Additional Brake pad keep for future. - Front Rotor 360mm / Back Rotor 330mm - Cash and Carry. No need swap. Already de-kitted. - Can fit in Original 18" AMG rims. Mine was AMG 18". - Msg me @ 98711666 if interested
  5. Hi bro. thank you very much. already contacted and going to do it tmr. appreciate your assistance.
  6. Bilstein B12 Pro kit (Bilstein & Eibach Springs) Been quite dormant. Any bro can advise who can provide this combo? My current stock dying liao. Appreciate and thanks in advance.
  7. I am not sure what was my initial level. I am now my first 4000km and I just realize that my oil is at half mark. Gkt to top up already.
  8. mine is command online and using S3 too but i dont have this issue.
  9. So long it's AMG can. Other make will depends.
  10. dteng75

    Side view

    RB: Yes. it is 18" silver88: thanks
  11. dteng75

    AMG 6 Pot Front

    Barney: a lot of bros here, their ride more chio. mine dont even hv AMG kit and dont intend to lower my ride too.
  12. dteng75

    Back View

    thanks for the compliment. i got C&C to debadge for me before i took my car.
  13. dteng75


    My humble ride
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