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Diverse models tuned with dyno chart

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4th July 2017. Mercedes Benz GLC250 doing stage 1 customized ecu tuning using New dimsport transdata. Car mapping is 100% customized to each and individual car set up and its characteristics. Dyno chart for comparison attached with reviews as well. 


Cars of similar make and model do have their own characteristics and behave differently. Therefore, in any case, standard mapping cannot be applied to all cars. 


Standard mapping will not be able to bring out the full potential of the car. As compared to customising according to the car, standard mapping is a cheaper and faster method. 


In order to provide a better service to our loyal customers, we will always customise it according to the characteristics and hardwares of the car. Even though it will take a longer time and it is more costly, it is definitely our motto to provide the best service to our customer. 


We are a reputable and professional workshop that have basic decorum, dignity and decency not to post malicious rumours and accusations about other workshop. 


We would never behave like them, stooping so low to accuse other and post spiteful and resentful comments. By using dirty tricks as well as unethical behaviour such as posting appalling and misleading comments just to capture more customers. It is indeed pathetic and it merely shows that they have no basic courtesy, green eyed, amateur and desperate for customers. 


Having more than 20 years of experience in tuning, I definitely know what is the best of each cars. I have tuned more than 10,000 cars of different makes and models over the years. Being in this line for more than 17 years, I have gained many loyal customers that placed their trust in us. 


Therefore, it is unnecessary for me to comment further on anything. It will be also a disgrace for my team and I to spread any inappropriate comments on others. 


We believe in our customers and thank them for the trust they place in us. We will continue to work harder for all our loyal customers. 








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27th July 2017. Mercedes Benz CLA 180 doing customized ecu tuning using New dimsport transdata. Owner extremely pleased with the tune. Dyno chart attached. IMG_7399.thumb.JPG.b738d82db4b673dda5b7d3389e0849e5.JPGAttached is owner reviews after driving. Thank you for the feedbacks. Will inform my team. 😊IMG_7178.thumb.JPG.aa10bc70ddbd05ccf2cb60236e1515b1.JPG


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On 22/09/2017 at 1:52 AM, Dynotechnica said:

21st September 2017. Mercedes Benz A180 doing customised Dimsport tuning. Dyno chart for comparison  




What is the difference between "standard" mapping and "custom" tuning. Just being curious as you guys been mentioning these terms several times before.

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Hi, certain places use standard amended maps and download it into the ecu for every similar card. For Dynotechnica we customise our maps tailored for customers. You can call me at 96919222 for more information or drop by my workshop. Thank you.

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On 17/09/2017 at 2:16 AM, Dynotechnica said:

16th September 2017. Mercedes Benz C180 kompressor doing customised Ecu tuning. Attached dyno chart for comparison.



I see. But I noticed at the bottom of your graphs that some of your tunes only take about 20 mins to an hour between base run and final run. Tailored map is so fast?" So I just need to leave my car less than an hour with you and it will be done? So 20min is standard map or custom map?

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Just for better understanding, I always thought the peak torque for the 1.6 Turbo and 2.0 Turbo is around 3000rpm. But I noticed the peak torque on a lot of the stock base runs for your graphs are above 4000rpm and some nearing 5000rpm. Something was wrong with all these cars or is this a Dyno setting issue?





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