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  1. Hi.. steering wheel sold.. many thanks for the support, and apologies to those that i might have failed to answer on time.
  2. there are a few reputable site sponsors listed in SGMERC and experiences shared on 19/20 tyres. please spend some time read through the posts and i'm sure it will give you some thoughts for consideration.
  3. please PM me your contact details, vehicle registration number, model/color, plus your proof of purchase (image) thanks.
  4. hi, please PM contact details.
  5. AC Underground Mega Car Meet Up 2018 1) Roxxi - 2) Dark Saint - C Klass 3) President Jimmy - E69 AMG 4) Datok Alvin - E Klass 5) Director TJ - C Klass 6) EOS - Flagship 7) Shawn - SURPRISE - Dun tell you 8) MarkCWQ - ??? 9) Knight_Rider 10) Jasson 11) Yorkshireman
  6. hello, to GLA owners keen to join the chat group, please PM either to rickosw or myself, do include your name, contact number, and vehicle registration number in order for us to add you into the GLA chat group, thanks all.
  7. the reactions i have received explains, words despite clearly written, can be misterpreted. the used of "maybe", "calls", "visit" appear not taken into context. i have briefly described the experiences i had, still quite happy to share more if there are genuine subject discussion. and vincent, yes you are a cyber bully, based on the posts you have make, fortunately i have a bigger heart
  8. seems like an attempt to name and shame in order to gain some traction. stanford, you don't know me, neither do you know what i have went through, if tuning remains the subject of discussion, so similarly, don't make assumption. i was at one point looking forward to your tuning journey blogs. quite happy to share my not entirely smooth tuning experience i had in case you are interested. i chose to look at facts from different sources, to help address those issues i had.
  9. vincent, if that's your name, i think you have make a very good description of a public forum particularly on the point of discussion and topic of interest. but i think you have put up quite a few posts, the persistence to seek out some truth like what i have mentioned earlier, some kind of crusade, bullying if i may use the term. if thread starter is not replying, i think i will perhaps conclude he may have an attitude, he hates typing maybe, or he has no time for forum, I don't know? the fact is after so many months, i think a visit or a call may well have resolve misunderstanding if there's any. last, seek legal recourse, that puts a lot of weight, and you know what, you have me as an additional supporter.
  10. yes, valid question, fair enough, can always pick up the phone and call
  11. it seems like some of your statements are pointing at my direction, you don't represent me, so i think you should not be making assumption. while you want answers but you seems to be restricting to this channel. i am in no position to answer on behalf of the tuner, trust you have the facts and since you feel so aggreived, go small claims tribunal, there's always a legal option to seek recourse
  12. note.. i am not the tuner, you may want to rephrase your post. i have heard and read about failed cases, shall assume these owners have done their homework, and make an informed decision to proceed with tuning; therefore it is better to let those affected manage their cases and/or grievances individually with the tuner. i will suggest that you engage the tuner to get clarity to your queries, public forum does not seems to be the right avenue to apply "pressure", and in my opinion it does look like flaming since it appears that you have concluded there are "problems" with the tuning procedures adopted. i trust that you have the stats and info with you, so the next best thing is to visit the tuner and seek clarification. if there were indeed refunds, that could also mean tuner probably has acknowledged there were gaps and took responsibility, hope you take into consideration there were successful cases too, it is not a situation where 10 cars gone for tuning and the 10 all have their engines busted. i believe the folks in this forum are grown adults.
  13. it seems a bit puzzling that despite thread starter offered on-site visit and to explain in person, there's still the same old pressurizing attempts wanting replies with some bordering on the line of dishonoring the thread starter. while i'm not a technical guru, i think every car reacts differently to tuning, perhaps it is best for those who has queries accept the thread starter invitation, persisting on a seemingly one-sided crusade doesn't necessary brings any credibility.
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