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Is it worth it to buy Mercedes W123 200?

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Hi guys,


I am interested to get a 1977 Mercedes W123 200. However, am wondering if it is worth buying it with the following concerns:


1. High cost of maintenance since it is 30+ years of age

2. Unable to get car loans (Inhouse loan charge us 4.8%)

3. Only able to get 3rd Party insurance which will then expose myself to risks of paying full repair cost if (touch wood) the car got into an accident

4. Will I be able to sell my ride (if for some reason I have no choice)?


I have got many negative comments from friends and colleagues on the above concerns with added comments that only the rich purchases a vintage and old merc cause they are typically their hobby car or 2nd car used to drive only sometimes for leisure. Rich ppl can afford to wait for their parts for weeks before arriving and reparing it. Furthermore, maintaining these old merc is not an issue to them.


Are the above myths or some are truths which i need to take into consideration before making a move to get my merc?


Please advise thanks!

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W123 is a great work horse. Must get the black engine (Germany assembled), not the white engine (locally assembled).

Yes, insurance is 3rd party, most of the times, if really want comprehensive, can say its going to be sky high in lots of aspects of the T&C.

Nowadays, its really difficult to get parts in Singapore, either custom made of have to import from Malaysia or Germany.

Locally if want to sell, definitely there is some enthusiasts. But export market is a better choice.

Get W124, still can last you at least 5 more years

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w123 is a good chassis

I driven a friend's 230E Auto in Malaysia.

robust and very modern to drive. and even can put many modern cars to shame


200 is carb engine, not injected.

so is very mechanical rather than electronical driven.


repair can be done easy and sometimes a can even be DIY if you are savvy with tools.

There is a Hayne's manual for the W123

Look it up online or from Kini


Worst lot. drive in to Malaysia get it fix there

Plenty of W123/W115 still serving as cab in rural area

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Digging up an old thread. Wondering if anyone owns a w123 in this forum?

Hows the maintenance like?

Fuel consumption?


W123, if lucky can get the 230e, which is fuel injection. If not 200 carb, must get the Black engine, not the white engine. For better power and more international parts. But nowadays, getting difficult to get parts in SINGAPORE, you will need to go up north or import from Germany/UK.

FC seriously for this car, cannot compare with present days cars. My previous W123 200 carb, I managed 500Km till empty with 65 litres tank. The trick is, light right foot till reached 60km/h, then that's where you can floored the accelerator.

Insurance wise, only 3rd Party, I heard some who managed to get comprehensive insurance, really not sure how they get it.

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I owned one 25 years ago , 1978 model


Drove for 20 years, changed a few hands but all within the family, clocked about 600,000 km


I must say it's a solid car, only "special" problem i remembered is: 


1) Engine overheat due to a broken small hole on engine block - simply fixed with a welding on the hole

2) Gear box problem towards the 450,000km mark, but didn't repair and drag on till 600,000 km

3) Spark plug electric distributor contact wear out


No other problems









Digging up an old thread. Wondering if anyone owns a w123 in this forum?


Hows the maintenance like? 

Fuel consumption?


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