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  1. Just to help you out, it will fit other series of the same era B class, C class(W204), E class(W212/C207) and the early CLA model. I had the AMG wheels on my W212 and the feel is better, steering has much weight on it and grips better too
  2. how much for W212 pre facelift with Aftermarket Comand NTG 4.5
  3. For sale is my Meguiar's Proffesional DA polisher I have changed the cable cord to a longer one as I needed the extra length to go around the whole car. under-utilized Brand New is 380 SGD selling 280 SGD. with box/ and carrier bag
  4. Tried using the tyregel on my VW polo. it will cause a smear of oily residual on the windscreen but is smooth indeed. maybe I applied too much
  5. will not flushed with the rear bumper, you need to change the rear bumper too
  6. Dear all, Anyone have a spare W204 sport grille for sale need one to replace mine with stone chipped on it. if you have one lying around in storage and keen to sell please let me know regards
  7. Bought these from taobao. 8 inch touchscreen monitors that looks exactly like the original headrest monitors from 221 and w212. wiring was done and connected to my comand system also check out the w222 s class fluffy pillow. pretty happy with the overall effect now
  8. The usual places will be Leong Seng and Top 93 I have only delt with top 93 and their services is good look for ah yang I had changed at least 5 sets of wheels with him over the years since my BMW days Based on my experience a brand new set of 17 inch stock rim/ tyres usually fetch about 1k or 1+ K during trade in
  9. i was told by my SE that you can get this defects replace FOC within 10 years due to warranty maybe I suggest you give your SE a call and ask him/her to send it in for you to do it.
  10. I drive a November 2012 e200 7G and I had driven a 2010 e200 5 spd before and it drives completely different eventhough the same engine I prefer the 7g Smoothness of and it doesn't feel as "RAW" or free revving. Year 2012 final batch prefacelift will have AMG kit/ Upgraded suspension and Brakes. my car is 50K km and I had no issues with it so far. Regarding E200/250.. 250 is more powerful, have the sunblinds package and that's about it Same roadtax but day to day driving, my E200 is good enough and able to beat some sonata taxi at the green light
  11. KW adjustable coilover was about 3k Plus during my time with BMW. not sure about Merc
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