Need advice, PM also can.

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Hi, new here.

Getting GLA cos no money buy GLC, or rather add some face value cos merc:lol:.

Well, here goes...
*read that gla is off cla platform..

So i may get 180 to bump up to 200 specs...truth is i am greedy..

Does anyone know the turbo compressor wheel is wat size on gla 250?
*Or rather> which turbo is GLA 250 running?

*goggle all like can fit? must be my searching power not good.

Is te Fuel pump same on both engine same size?
The nozzle/injectors also same?

What is the highest whp on the 1.6L M 270 DE 16 AL red can tahan till with relaibility?
(Know or hear b4)

I may be wrong but i guess is bout 250bhp b4 drivetrain lossess?

The clutch on 180 can tahan till how much Nm?
Cos storeroom got some previous old car parts collect dust, tinking to use guys know lah.. 

Hope bros/sis here can help me achieve my goals.
Thanks in advance, or can PM me if sensitive.


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Bros, anyone?

Or maybe i ask this way..

I go make bigger turbo, fmic etc, can see what ecu can make it all run together, aiming for bout 230 on crank.. tis 1.6L GLA can tahan?

What is the common weak point of the gla 180?



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The price between GLA180 and GLA200 from cnc is about $20k. 

U may want to check if worth to invest mod GLA180 to GLA200 or just jump to GLA200 instead. 

Alternative is use those ecu chip like racechip to increase some hp at low cost. 

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are u getting PI or C&C car , if you getting PI , then my recommendation, use the savings and buy the GLA200 instead

save all the trouble of zeng. nothing beats the real thing.

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