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CLS - Road sound from cabin

Guest merc.y

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Guest merc.y

Guys! What do you think of the sound proofing in the CLS....

I get lots of road noise coming into the cabin. My last car was a 523i it was slient as a sleeping sheep!

I am not too sure if my tires are making the noise or the car's sound proofing sucks!!!!

Anyone can help? I am riding on 20" and did lower my ride a little! Maybe that makes a diff, but then again my bimmer was riding on the same set up!!!!

Hate the noise, plus the standard Hi fi system doesn't sound that great.... Help! I need ear plugs!

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Guest Skyggen957

actually i came into the CLS from an LS460, so everything sounds noisy to me after that, even an S350 sounds rough as a bag of nails in comparison, but i'm kinda getting used to this.. I tried a 535 to check out the refinement and it doesn't seem that different to the CLS. I think the frameless windows don't help NVH levels, maybe more sound absorbing carpets? The audio shops can add soundproofing into your doors too.

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Guest merc.y

Yes! Was thinking to sound proof the wheel arch as well as doors...but it only takes out 10 to 20%.... think about it, it is a Benz, it should be more sound proof.... standard should be there...

Also another problem, I get a motor sound when I park by car or hit the brakes too many times..... I ask C&C they say it is normal, some brake pump sound! Do you all get this sound too.....like a motor winding sound! 2 sec of it....

Yes you are right on the engine, very rough... try stepping and high reving the car..... sorry guys but the bimmer sound sweeter!

Wah! So many questions! We have to do a meet up to check each others ride!

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Guest Skyggen957

Tyres also definitely make a big difference to road noise. A hard tyre compound, wider tyres, aggressive wide-gapped tread pattern, old hardened tyres all contribute to greater road noise.

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Guest Throttle


my CLS engine is smoother than my previous BMW 630i or 525i.

i was so impressed by it when i first got it.

of course, used to it now so take the smoothness for granted.

in terms of power, the BMW is more linear and more instanteneous

the Mercy feels like it has turbo la even though it's NA powered, hahaah

sound proofing is definitel better than my Bimmers.

my only peeve is that my AMG 8pot front brakes squeal too much especially after it heats up. only at a certain slow speed and only at a certain degree of pressure but gets on my nerves. maybe gonna send for pad chamfering .

anyway, i drive only 1000km a month and 100% city driving, no malaysia, nothing.

and i love the way it looks parked there waiting for me. power and fun is sufficient so i have no compliants.

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Guest merc.y

Throttle wrote:


Bimmer doesnt exactly have better sound proofing. in fact it's a little worse.

base on my ears.


Bro! One of these day we have to meet up, see your ears.. hahaha!

Drop me an SMS ....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got my new tires CSC5 today!

Disapointment: I can still hear the road noise! I am too spoiled!

My 5 did not sound like this even with 20" on....

My Poison cost was $2800.00

Result: No diff..... well maybe 15% less noise....

Next Poison : Sound Clad by TufCoat - anyone did this before?

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