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W212 10.25" Screen Poor Sound Quality

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I recently installed a 10.25" screen. Input to head unit via Aux.  All great except: Sound quality lousy.

Anyone any idea how to boost the sound quality?  Install amp then input to Aux?

Thanks in advance!

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Just installed it and I am having the same problem.

So, I am most probably going back to the installer to ask whether can connect the amplifer to only the AUX input to boost the volume.

Saw from Youtube , it's a problem even without the android unit. A lot of people use the AUX input to connect to their phone for spotify music in US.

It is just the AUX input lacking the volume boost.

So, the quick solution for those folks is to plug in a portable amplifier ($100 ish) and connect to their phones.



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Yap. due to the poor sound card from the android and aux has poor signal. Usually adding a dsp or amp will enhance the sound pretty much. Due to this issue, I found a pretty much value ICE solution in carousel. No only installed the dsp. Bu the whole system setup at an very affordable price. Actually quit ICE cos giving up on workshop, even the award winning and reputable one cant delivered what I want unless 5 digit is spent. 

Can search for audioheadasia19 in carousel. Cheap and affordable for audiophile needs.

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