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Does this forum still alive or not !

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Seven morning eight morning.... don want to scold ppl... But would love to see some common sense....

I'm prepared to meet my Maker...

Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter - Winston Churchill

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naaaaa nw 7th mths.. alive or not u say ba.. maybe we post, but something is blocking thats y u cannot see..!?

Wah! Now our "friends" so high tech? Can hack into forum!

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Orh okie okie ... My ride now is already fitted with all the Amg body kit done by previous owner . And also the exhaust is already Amg .. With 4 outlets . But the sounds is like shit.. Even I decat from mid pipe still doesn't make any diff :(

Can define "shit"?

You're dethpicable. 


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Background is....after I gotten my SLK...decided to form a group for meetups, drives, etc...


Till date, there are 6 of us meeting regularly (once a week minimum) for drives and drinks.

We have organised 3 convoys, the last being a joint convoy with Z4...and we welcome more to join us...if you see any of us on the roads...double honk :o at us..or you may have already received a SLKed summon by any of us..its our effort to recruit, revive and unite all SLKs...


Team Arrow is Kevin, Nick, Vincent, Alex, Gary, Kenneth, Mathan and we like to expand the team to include you and your SLK.


My bowling sucks but come support us at the upcoming bowling tournament... :)





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