Problem for Android Auto with Type C cable - Solved

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Hi Guys, just got my W205 2 days ago and first problem I encountered was my phone's Android Auto wouldn't work with the new 12" Head unit. Apple Car Play has no issue whatsoever.

It took me a while to figure out we must use back the original cable that came with the car (in picture below), the problem was out of the 3 free cables, Type C cable was not included, so naturally we will use back our phone's original cable, to make matter worse, once connected, everything from music and internet was working fined, however the Android Auto just could not displayed on the HU, I wast totally blind sided on this and kept fiddling with the HU and phone settings, at one instance I decided to try the USB to Type C converter on the original cable and voila, it works, I hope my sharing help bros who had similar issue.


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For my Android Auto to work, I use the original MB cable.

Here's it including the part number from MB.



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