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  1. Ed17 a warm welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new ride. Enjoy your stay with us!
  2. AFAIK 1. to keep the air circulation to on / last preference - cannot 2. to change the fuel mileage display from liter/100 km to km/liter - can 3. To keep the Eco mode to off / last preference - cannot but depend on your ride. Mine will start in Comfort Mode and not Eco mode
  3. $400 imho is a very expensive for a diagnostic check. If your car is from C&C and you do your servicing (spark plugs, engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil what ever apply) there according to your mileage or schedule, your engine is 10 years warranty by C&C. My ride is out of warranty but I will continue to do my oil changes at C& C but others like battery, brake pad & rotors, etc I will do it outside and to enjoy that 10 year warranty on engine.
  4. If you wanna find used parts - Propel Autoparts 28 Kranju Road For MB new parts I usually go to Goldenlink - they've a few branches Will be useful to give them your VIN number so they can get the correct parts for you
  5. As reported in MB UK forum W212 2009 model with Audi 20 HU has BT for calls only and not for BT music streaming https://forums.mbclub.co.uk/threads/audio-20-bluetooth-audio-connectivity-w212-2010.239289/
  6. It goes around! From W211 went to Q5, A4 Quattro and back to W212, W164, FLW204, W212, W213 Went to see F10, then SE cmi, decided on W212 Went to see X3, look at Touareg, settled with the W164 Anyway itching for the GLC300, applied wu piko no more itech
  7. The newer Merc probably has the Me Adapter alr installed I m told the Me Application can work for Nerc as far has >10 yrs ago I can only guess that the app works with the internet since your mobile BT will be out of range We can google to find out how it works
  8. Congratulations on your new ride Nice car! Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay with us!
  9. Mercedes service interval is @ 15k km or 1 year which ever is faster i.e 15k km (Service A), 30k km (Service B2), 45k km (Service A), 60k km (Service B3), etc normal workshops will like to service your car at every 10k km or 6 months like most Japs car
  10. If I am correct, you will need a ME adaptor https://www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/passengercars/being-an-owner/mercedes-me-adapter-campaign/register-interest.module.html
  11. Congratulations as a 1st time Merc owner and welcome to the forum Wireless Carplay may not be available right down ME app there're threads on PI car imported from UK For retrofits you might wanna consider our site sponsor Elebest.
  12. IIRC recommended is every 60K Km or 4 years but there're owners who prefer every 30k km or 2 years whichever is earlier.
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