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  1. It’s still a sedan and road clearance is not as high as a SUV like the ML or even the GL series You might risk damage to your undercarriage if the roads are not easily access by a normal sedan.
  2. Make a search for recommended workshop, there will be a list of them. Here's one
  3. Try the recommended tire pressure of your ride and for your shock get another workshop for a 2nd opinion. 62k km is not much and your shocks shouldn't be worn out at this mileage
  4. $3k sounds about right if you are referring to the module inside the gear box transmission. For workshop, do a search for recommended workshops or try our site sponsors
  5. I think you are referring to CEL or Check Engine Light warning. It can be due to several reasons and best is to find a reliable workshop for a Diagnostic Check to find what's the cause of the warning light.
  6. Ya! Bought my pin code from Ricky Lo too for my E250.NTG4.5 maps update. For ICE, last IASCA competition in 2008. Managed to get into the final but didn't do well - Job was done not by Cartoon After that stop donating money to other ICE installers Recently dumped away whatever I.C.E stuff leftovers to the garbage point Before I retire, jump started my home audio again. Revived most of my equipment for 1. home audio system 2. "simplified" my HT system 3. BMB Karaoke system. Last system 4. Disco system in my house in Batam store room - high powered Crow
  7. Almost every year there're S.E.A Maps update for COMAND. MB used to charge an arm & leg for the COMAND features throughout S.E.A including HK. Ending up very little car owners opt to have the COMAND option. Thus In simple economics, unlike US & Europe the demand for maps update were low and that drove the price up (Mappers have to eat) Probably also the Mappers weren't motivated at all to update the maps thus the newer updated maps were lacking information & details. Therefor it make no "cents" to update the maps every year due to the incremental updates we
  8. Too bad CnC cut off that option for E200 to increase "margin" They used to do that for C Class equipping them with Halogen headlamps, no memory package and keyless function Even my current Jakarta Fortuner (2017) comes with wireless mirroring for Android In late 2018 self drive NZ holiday trip with Mitsubishi Outlander, it came with both Android Auto & Carplay (wired) Best of all the car rental company provide me a Garmin GPS which I kept in the glove compartment for the whole trip. I use Waze almost everyday especially here in Jakarta to avoid traffic jam
  9. I've being using Shell 95 for a long time even my previous near 8 years old stock W212 which clocked near to 200k km Other than my 1st C Class W203 which I did performance mod, I don't use 98 other than across the border Shell 97. Think you should go to a "reliable" WS to check the pinking
  10. Both the Audio 20 system and COMAND has evolved much over time. I am not too sure about what features the latest Audio 20 has. My current W213 E250 comes with COMAND same as my previous W212 E250 (2011) I retrofitted COMAND on my 2012 E250 & 2011 W164 ML300 1. COMAND Navigation sucks cos the maps are never the latest unlike Live Navigation like Google Maps & Waze. COMAND navi usually rely on satellite signals like any other GPS devices but when your ride goes into a tunnel like KPE, with satellite signals COMAND will continue to navigate using the car sensors to ba
  11. CnC will not void your warranty other than your infotainment system but still unlikely. My previous rides, I changed the infotainment system from Audio 20 to COMAND on 2 of my previous rides from CnC. Nothing said each time, I went for servicing.
  12. You're right! Guess enough said & I'll lock up this thread!
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