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Hi all,

Appreciate any kind bro’s advice on the below.

I’m driving a W205/C class and am thinking of installing blackvue DR900S with the cellink neo batt.

A)does any bro have a trustworthy/good shop to recommend for purchase and installation of blackvue

B)the W205/C class only has one cigarette socket within the drinks holder department, and from my observation, if a wire is connected to it, the cover has to be open which is not very nice. Can any bro driving a W205 and has installed with the portable batt advise how it is done? I do not want the dash camera batt to be connected to engine batt this am looking at the cellink neo portable batt option.  

Thank you in advance for advice on the above.

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Almost any car accessories shop should be able to do the installation.

They will not tap the power supply from the cigarette socket.

I do not do recording when my car is parked.

That solve buying backup batteries

My dashcams are power through accessories key position meaning when the car is running, then my dash cam is on.

I did mine at AutoSpritze/Wee Heng Car Accessories - No 1 Kim Chuan Terrace - Look for Ah Boon

Look for Ah Boon - you can mentioned my mine Mr. Seah (don't worry, I don't get commission :) )

If you are in the West - Look for Darren Auto at Toh Guan - Look for Darren Seah or his worker Ah Boon

Ubi Area - New Generation Auto Sound - Look for Cartoon aka Elson

Installation charges to my estimate should be less than $80 or cheaper.

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Thanks Kepiting for the reply but urm, I’m actually looking to install blackvue so that

a) my dashcam is on even for parking mode.

b)thus it will need a portable batt which from blackvue website needs to be plugged into the cigarette socket

Thus once more, my query to any bro who purchased and install blackvue from a trustworthy shop with good workmanship pls do kindly advise. 

Thanks much.

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The shops that I recommended above should be qualified to do your blackvue installation.

1. plugging your Blackvue battery pack to the 12v cigarette socket is the same as tapping from other accessories power cable.

2. That means your Blackvue battery pack will be charged when your car is running and hopefully it will power your dashcam when you’re parking. 

3. Do not connect your Blackvue power pack to the car battery. It will drain your car battery when your Blackvue power pack capacity is depleted.

4. Every battery has a cycle life.- 1 discharged and 1 charging is consider as 1 cycle. Meaning also everyday you will be discharging & charging your Blackvue power pack. Unlike your car battery which is technically call a starter battery i.e just to start your engine and the alternator will takes over to supply the electrical current to run your car & accessories.

Most likely your Blackvue power pack which is basically a battery pack will last not as long as your car battery.

i m in the cells & batteries assembly manufacturing for more than 30 yrs of which I spent 28 yrs with VARTA Battery of Germany.

Currently I m working for a Chinese battery company in Jakarta assembling original Smartphone batteries for the various popular Smartphone Companies in Indonesia.

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Thank you for ur inputs

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