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Hi guys, 

Wanted to check with anyone who has an aftermarket exhaust system on your W218 CLS 350, which brand do you use? My car currently has a supersprint system (I have the Center resonator + Rear mufflers from them) and also I bought the X pipe to interchange with the Center resonator because I felt that with the supersprint resonator, the car was too soft. With the X pipe, the sound got slightly louder but it also introduced drone. My ideal setup would be to have the car louder but with minimal drone as I drive with my parents in the car sometimes and they find it annoying. I feel like I have to floor it in first gear to get any kind of ‘nice’ sound from the exhaust because otherwise, it just sounds very bassy at low rpm, like a Subaru or something. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Subaru exhausts, but I personally don’t like too bassy a sound). I would much rather have a higher pitched screaming V6 noise similar to the F type. I was thinking of operating on the supersprint muffler and using back supersprint resonator as I feel that the X pipe + Operated muffler would be too loud. Any thoughts? Any exhaust experts any input would be greatly appreciated!! (Btw I don’t have the original mufflers and resonator anymore) 



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