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SRS warning light issue and Wipers not working - Solution

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Hello Everyone,


Well it's time to post again, as I just fixed another issue with the W245 2006/07 model.


SRS failure warning message, Wipers (front & rear) not working & sunvisor vanity mirror light Failure 



No power supply to the Wiper system circuit (fuse OK), SRS Failure Message on instrument panel, No light on Vanity mirror.
SAM module not supplying power to the specific circuit on the fuse box.



Replace faulty relay on the SAM unit.

The relays for the fuse box and the wiper relays are on the SAM unit that link to Fuse box. The SAM unit (with relays) are located behind the glove compartment


Locating the SAM Module:

The SAM unit is in the footwell on the passenger side where your soles of your shoes are if you stretch your legs straight out.

  • Remove the plastic grill at the top of the footwell, just under the glove box door. Secured by 2 torx screws towards the front and 2 clips at the back.
  • Remove the wire to the light in the plastic grill.
  • Remove the kick panel plastic left side just in front of the door.
  • Pull back the carpet carefully as there is a lot of compressed foam glued to the carpet.
  • Remove the relay plastic cover by gently pulling from the left side, and the cover will pop off
  • Second from the left side relay (grey color) 4 pole is the faulty relay (A002 542 26 19) Tyco
  • I bought a 70A replacement from an uncle shop at Alexandra Village (only shop open on a Sunday) near the food court as you drive out to Bukit Merah. $28 dollar - Cheaper than hundreds of $$$
  • Relay labeled "B" is the faulty relay (See Pics)
  • Pole 87 goes to the right when you insert it, it only goes in one way so you cant get it wrong.


Good Luck  :phew:









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I have the model B200, Canadian. Recently my front wipers stopped working. Fuse is OK, everything else is working. Which relays are involved?


Thank you very much!



Zdenko, Toronto

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Had identical problem on my 2006 A class Elegance w169, SRS light on, no wipers etc etc. Mercedes wanted £120 to run a diagnostic, pretty steep when I'm  on a basic pension. Thankfully I read the above post on this forum and by following 'desmo' instructions was able to fix the fault. Cost of relay from Mercedes?... £18.

Yes its a pig of a job to get to the relays but other than that easy when you know what the problem is.

Thank you 'desmo'.

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