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alright guys, finally managed to go down to RadioQuip to sort out the walkie talkie issues. the boss there, Anthony, is an extremely helpful chap and has kindly offer a discount to SGMerc members who go down and purchase their comms set from him.

highly recommended from him is the Kenwood TK-3407.

SGMerc Member: S$250 NETT (includes full set, battery, charger, tuning to SGMerc's frequency)


for those bros who already have their own comms set, if you bought it from him, he can retune it for you to the NEW SGMerc frequency for free.

this walkie is IDA approved.

SGMerc Frequency: 448.550 Tone 67

for those that didn't buy from him, he charges a nominal fee of S$20.

to purchase and/or tune your existing sets, please look for Anthony at:

RadioQuip Communications Pte Ltd

Anthony Chu


79 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455219

[email protected]

Operating Hours: Mon - Sat, 1145am - 645pm

they are located on the 2nd floor of the T3 bike shop.

having a walkie is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all SGMerc drives.

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Yap i was there this afternoon too. Nice chap & helpful. I suggest this gtg bring yr WT to test out the set. If any issues can get it resolves before the trip.

NO WONDER LA. he told me one very handsome man with 3 chiobu accompanying him went down and said from merc club. lol. :D

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snsd555, anthony's h/p no is 97552280. Just talked to him and he says he needs an existing set to know which frequency sgmerc is on than he'll be able to reprogramme the rest

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Must be kenwood unit? Motorola one can?

There shouldn't be an issue with the brand as long as the frequency is correct.

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