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LF: W126, 140, 220, 221 for short film

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Greetings gentlemen,

My apologies if this is sort of an awkward first post. I've liked old Benzes for a long time and personally own a W140 up north which (until recently) was driven quite often.

The production company I work at is currently shooting a web series and one scene requires just the presence of a stately Mercedes Benz. The shoot involving this Benz will take 30-60 minutes max some day in December 2020 and I'm asking on behalf of the team if any of you would be keen to have your Benz appear in this film. You will be credited appropriately in the rolling credits and a token sum for your time and travel can be discussed.

If interested, please feel free to reply here or drop me a DM.

Thank you!


(off topic but just to keep things interesting here's a pic of my boat anchor)


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30 minutes ago, snsd555 said:

P.S. What model Mercedes-Benz are you looking for?

Good day sir, deeply appreciate your help. Any large Benz (W126, 140, 220, 221 and up) is perfect, otherwise a W211, 212 or 213 is great too.


On the tiny off chance there's a G-wagen of any era roaming around here, that would be the bomb. ;)

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