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Guest millionmilebenz

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Guest millionmilebenz


Since one of our objectives is to grow the size of our group, I think we can try to make use of the new member registration page to learn more about the new members, especially on how they came to know about SG Merc. This can help us to improve our "recruitment" and "PR" efforts. For example, we've been handing out the SG Merc window decals. I've given out at least 20 already, and it will be great to know how effective it is.

Perhaps we can add a couple of multiple-choice questions to the registration process? Like:

1. How did you find out about SG Merc?

a. Google search b. Friend's introduction c. A window decal was given to me

d. C&C <??? do they help us to spread the word ???> e. Another forum f. Others

2. Do you or your family own a Mercedes Benz?

a. Yes b. Used to c. No but in the process of looking for one

3. What is/are the cars that you drive currently (MB as well as non-MB)?

The above are just suggestions. I know it can be tricky to store the answers as it will require a database, etc. So I will certainly understand if it is not possible at the moment. We are already very lucky to have this board hosted courtesy of Leon! ;D ;D ;D

Anyway, just wanted to table this idea! ;D


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Ok noted. Tks for your suggestions mate. ;D

I have attended 2 weddings in the last week and am about to attend another one tonight. God help me. There goes (literally) a H&R cup kit / Bilstein HD kit. *sob sob*

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