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White & Black Part 2

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Hi, here's the progress thus far.

Original Thread Found Here :

I got rid of my mirroring and added CarPlay as I wanted the resolution to be consistent.






I also decided to change location of my dash cam so that it doesn't block me.

Original Position


New Position - Not visible from Driver's view.



I also added a black strip to where the mounting point was. This is so that it looks almost stock from the front, and doesn't expose the double sided tape.



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Bought these rear license plate bulbs to have the same consistency in 'whiteness' since all my other bulbs have been changed to white leds.


And decided to get another front emblem to try the all blacked out look.



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My only cosmetic upgrade that I really yearn for were the LED lamps, and I finally took the plunge.










These are not plug and play. They need coding. As I was one of the first guy here to get them retrofitted, the shop took more than a day to get the codes right.

I prefer the rear lights as they now look more symmetrical. It has a slightly sleeker / modern look ( though I missed the butterfly look ).

The fronts are amazing. Its now whiter, including front white led high beams.

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The other issue I had were of the dynamica from the steering wheel. Despite me almost never touching those two areas for the entire year, it still started to fade out.


Also the OCD part of me couldn't stand that the red stitching were not ... perfect.



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11 hours ago, petetherock said:

Did you have to remove the steering wheel to do the stitching bro?

I had to remove the steering wheel as they had to replace the alcantara / plastic portions with carbon.

However they gave me a replacement steering wheel while they were working, takes them 1 - 2 weeks.

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