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Its actually a very reliable car. Very easy to maintain too. Cheap parts. A own one for about 5 years now and its a dream to drive. Have hit around 200kmh on the NS highway. Its very important u start with a very solid car and get a w124 specialist to look over it before buying. I recommend the Mechanic at SPC along Bukit Timah road just after Princess of Wales Road.

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the 16v got more power & everything ,fully computerised ,so no need to touch anything.

the 8v is more basic,u can tune but believe or not,more ppl into dis.

the tech choon boss owns three 124 ,8v !

Need I say more?

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What am I trying to say is ,if u fancy a 124 cos it’s the cheapest way of driving in sg,u are wrong.

yup ,the spares are cheap & surprising it’s still available ,normally all the oem but still MB parts available & there’s always propel,not cheap but another source of spares.

the consumption is terrible ,I got something like 1 litres 6.5 km but there again it’s 30 yrs old & in 1989 ,who bother abt petrol,it’s dirt cheap then.

well ,I dun use often ,got another merk as a daily driver,so no problem.

i dun think it will hit 200 but dats not the point.


the best is tech choon in Woodlands.


i have bad x’perience,so not gonna go there.


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