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Used to attend a meetup for all Korean and jap hatchbacks few years back. More than 100 cars turn up at old marina south carpark. Like moderators from diff clubs like fit/jazz club, Getz,colt,yrv,mazda2..etc liaise and made that happen.

Was wondering if we gonna have something like this for merc,Audi,BMW,Volkswagen..etc

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Sounds more like an illegal gathering for MAFIA... imagine all the MERC.. BMW... AUDI in 1 carpark... add afew Horses, Bulls, Weapons and Bond cars... woah... Sure catch TP's eyes...

I'm prepared to meet my Maker...

Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter - Winston Churchill

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Actually is not that difficult to arrange as most conti car owner joined a few car forum , jumping from 1 to another ship are common.

But ... unless there is a special events or so , if not most car club would prefer to stay within their own forum ...

Previously our month end gtg are always with bmw-sg , vagsg at kallang car park F , sometime FD and markX were also there , as why most have diff date and location ... you guys should know.

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