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  1. TL:DR Version -> Join SGMerc Telegram Chat Here: https://t.me/SGMerc Dear SGMerc members, In the past couple of days, there have been many PMs, messages, and even calls from members asking about the new Official SGMerc telegram chat that has been created. As much as we try to avoid "drama" and publicly sharing such information, we think we owe it to our members to clarify the sequence of events, and what has actually transpired. We do not want to further exuberate the issue and thus this post will stay up for 90 days for clarification, after which, it will be removed. Starting from many years ago, as with most social media transitions, many off-shoot groups have formed out of SGMerc. This is nothing new to us and we have always given them our blessings. Longer term members will remember the days of MercKaki, MBOS, and now SGMBC. We have never took issue as SGMerc was never meant to be a "social" club, and we stand by the reasoning behind why SGMerc was created since 2007, to be a wealth and store of information (wikipedia anyone?), to be unbiased, NOT a dictatorship, and to be a place where Mercedes owners and enthusiasts can gather. This is certainly not a sausage contest of who has more members and in actual fact, is the reason that we agreed for the Telegram chat group to use our SGMerc branding initialy to gain traction. When a group of SGMerc members asked for permission to use the SGMerc branding to go ahead and create a Telegram group chat, we were more than delighted as this new platform would be yet another place whereby SGMerc members would be able to gather, get their problems solved, and discuss matters on anything Mercedes-Benz. As with any "marriage" there were certain issues after a couple of years and while we were trying to resolve this, we were inevitably unable to come to a consensus on ways to move things forward. And this is the reason why we have decided to take back management of the SGMerc Telegram chat. We owe it to you to be completely open and honest, and so will table the 2 main issues herein: 1) Different Management Team from SGMerc / Telegram The management of the previous Telegram chat were separate from actual main website, Facebook, and Instagram. Being a different management team, they had full autonomy over the Telegram group on who was invited, who was banned, and who was kicked, and they have every right to do it as they were the admins. This caused issues amongst our members as we have received multiple complains over the years on the Telegram admins being "unreasonable" and certain authoritarian actions being taken that were viewed as "unfair". SGMerc was always set out to be a welcoming place for one and all, without any worries of overstepping the line (unless what you post is illegal, highly offensive, or utterly unacceptable). We felt that this issue has been brewing for awhile but just as you don't tell someone else how to run their company, we did not have the right or purview to change what was happening in the Telegram chat. What was most disappointing to me personally, is that we experienced this first hand. When SGMerc setup our official Telegram chat, the admin(s) of SGMerc were removed from the old Telegram chat with immediate effect by the management of the initial Telegram chat. This was shocking (and if i might add, rather juvenile). We've learnt to always part ways amicably, and are happy if they are doing well, and to remove the admin(s) of SGMerc was a rather childish action, IMHO. 2) Commercial Posting by SGMerc Sponsors Now here comes the interesting part. We've heard many a story over the years, from SGMerc being sold for a 6-figure sum, to how SGMerc is a business that is highly profitable and the admin team is laughing to the bank. This couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that it costs a lot of $ to upkeep a website and run the necessary resources for a website the size of SGMerc. I can categorically state that the income SGMerc receives from site sponsors are not even enough to cover a significant portion of our actual, monetary running cost. The admin team funds the site monthly to keep SGMerc up due to the wealth of information we have onboard, over 250,000 posts, and over 5,000 people visit SGMerc daily for help and resources on their Mercedes-Benz. While we have site sponsors to help defray the cost, we have not ever, and will not stop any member from sharing their contacts, discounts, or their recommendations. What we do not allow is commercial posting from a business that is NOT a site sponsor. There is a very distinct difference between the two. As the old Telegram chat was gaining traction, there were tie-ups (discounts, promos, etc) offered to members that were outside of SGMerc's website. This caused an issue whereby SGMerc site sponsors were not allowed to post in the Telegram chat but other businesses were, and as much as we tried to come to a common consensus on this matter, we were unable to. Site sponsors support the upkeep of SGMerc, and we owe it to be them to be fair. What we are certain of however, is that we have never been biased, taken sides with businesses that worked with SGMerc, or put the interest of site sponsors before the members. We have at many times, assisted to resolve the conflicts between members and sponsors, and SGMerc members' interest will always be the #1 priority. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "The grass is always greener on the other side" applies very well to running forums, communities, and websites. Many people like to create communities so they can be the "President" of 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 members and with a click of the button can permanently ban you if they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That is why spin-offs are so common. There is not what SGMerc is or has ever been. We've been through MercKaki, MBOS, and SGMBC will not be the last. We've been around since 2007 and will continue to be around so that all the resources on SGMerc can continue to help owners and enthusiasts when they have a question about their cars. And this is why we keep the website going even at great financial expense. Telegram and Facebook are just not built to retain information and knowledge sharing like a normal forum or website. Thank you for your continuous support of SGMerc, and hope that you will find out platforms useful, helpful, and stick around to meet other Mercedes-Benz owners! You can join our Telegram chat group here: https://t.me/SGMerc
  2. Hi Friends, SGMERC is having a get together dinner with group photoshoot at JW Marriott Southbeach Kindly RSVP below. Please PM me your name & contact number as well We have secured 25 car slots for the lobby photoshoot so first come first served basis. if we have more than 25 cars, the remaining cars will have other secured parking as well. Details as below Buffet Dinner $78++ (Dinner + Lobster and Foie Gras) For an Additional $29++ to buffet, free flow wines and Prosecco Kids under 6 Free. 6-12 yrs old 1/2 price. Above 12 yrs old = adult price. http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/food-picks-delicious-buffet-spread 15 July 2017 (Sat) DINNER Venue: Beach Road Kitchen @ JW Marriott SouthBeach. Time: 5pm - MU @ GBTB 530pm - photo taking 6pm - convoy to JW Marriott for dinner. Hotel front will be open for approx 20-25 Merc to park. Dinner place just beside. Beach Road Kitchen: DBS/POSB credit and debit card holders enjoy 50% off every 2nd diner for dinner buffet and Sunday Brunch . Valid up to 8 diners per card. Valid from June till end Dec. Not applicable on eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday. 1 - JonX + 1 2 - Pierre 3 - Jameson 4 - Alex + 1 5 - Alvin EOS + 1 6 - TJ + 2 7 - Roxxi + 1 8 - Stanford 9 - Daren + 1 10 - Desmond 11 - Jimmy 12 - Raymond (YHI) 13 - Dan (Jameson's bro) 14 - Alvin + 1 15 - Derrick +1
  3. Hi Friends, We will be representing SGMERC and attend AC Underground Mega Car Club Meet Up 2.0 on the 1st April Sat. Time: 2-6pm (We will convoy from a secret location at 1.30pm) Venue: 1 Turf Club Avenue Singapore 738078 It would be tones of fun to meet current & new SGMERC friends at this meet up. Opportunity to take pics with Race Queens and also have your awesome Mercedes Car pic taken by our resident SGMerc photographer! So please sign up below! Cheers!
  4. Dear SGMerc members, It has come to our attention that there has been a membership form being circulated around regarding potential 'paid OR unpaid' membership into a particular "Mercedes Club Singapore" (edit: the site has been updated to "Benz Owner Singapore"). There has been an increase in number of members asking if this 'club' is affiliated to SGMerc. SGMerc, the site admins and moderators, would like to state explicitly that we are in no way, shape or form, related or affiliate to this particular website/group/membership base. Based on checks with Cycle & Carriage (Mercedes-Benz Singapore), they have communicated back to us that this new 'club' also has no affiliations or links to the official Mercedes-Benz distributor in Singapore or the main principal in Germany as well. The founding principal of SGMerc is to unite all Mercedes-Benz owners in Singapore under one umbrella where owners and guests alike can come together to share knowledge, modifications, quirks with their cars, or even where to find and hunt for the best deals around. Having a communal place to gather and share thoughts and discussions would make it more efficient and effective for all that visit SGMerc and for the users find their own ways in how SGMerc can be useful to them. Additionally, the admins and moderators would like to state that SGMerc currently is and will always be FREE for all members and guest to enjoy. We are committed to working with brand owners, site sponsors, and commercial businesses to ensure that we will never need to ask members or guests for any fees relating to the use of knowledge or data from this website. We have been very blessed to have supportive sponsors and businesses working with us to ensure that this will be viable moving forward. Lastly, we thank each and everyone of you SGMerc members for your continuous support throughout all these years, growing from a user base of 400 members in 2007, we have now reached a milestone of over 8,000 members in a short span of 9 years. Best of health and enjoy your Mercedes-Benz cars! Thank you. Regards, SGMerc Admins & Moderators P.S. If there has been any unsolicited advertisements or commercial spamming communicated in SGMerc via the private messaging module, please do let the admins know so this can be taken care of.
  5. Ladies & Gentlemen, The long-awaited 1st mega-meetup of 2014 is here. Date: 1st March 2014 (Saturday) Time: 1630 - 1830 Location: Optima Werkz (site/venue sponsor) 6 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159143 Parking: FREE Highlights: Media coverage by local top magazines Individual car showcase FREE SGMerc decal for all members (thanks to sponsors) Food/drinks provided More information will be posted closer to the date (itinerary), etc. For now, mark your calendars as there will be free food/drinks, collecting of official SGMerc decal, and more! 1) snsd555 2) keltanky 3) g8crasher 3) Yap TP 4) randy 5) unker 6) markcwq 7) berrie 8) alvin3333 9) spencer 10) chris 11) odessus slk63amg 12) blackmerc 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)
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