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  1. Mine is W213. Rattling sound seemed to be door area but finally found that it came from seat belt catch. I hold on to the catch and the vib/rattling sound stopped. Just my experience.
  2. Please PM the price and locations to install the components. Thanks.
  3. Where can I get the decal?
  4. Lately, there were videos showing an old man jumping onto bonnets of cars claiming it had knocked him. In-car cameras are useful for rebutting such nuisance claims. Does anybody has recommendation on the type of in-car camera and reliable installers? Didn't like unhidden wires running around.
  5. W212 PFL. Any mod to use CarPlay on Audio20?
  6. I was told that after buying a Birkin, no need to look anymore. So, I suppose buying a Merc is somewhat similar... no need to look anymore. Of course there are the supercars that we salivate over, but that's another story. Hehe.
  7. So was the roof originally black or did they sticker it black?
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