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  1. I see. I never knew that the rear axle ratio is designed differently for the S280. Thanks a lot for the info.
  2. Hi morning members, I need advice from ex and current W140 owners. I am seriously planning to switch from my current W126 300SEL to a W140 after having driven my sis-in-law's 1992 W140 300SEL (3.2 litres). I love the tremendously comfortable ride quality and the elegant presence that this car radiates. I find the 1992 300SEL (3.2 litres) engine responsive enough for my daily and Singapore commute's purpose. Currently, there is a 1-owner W40 S280 (post 1995) available at my mechanic workshop for sale. As it is under lay-up status, I am unable to test drive the car. May I get c
  3. Hi, Mr Chia of Carewell is really skillful in tuning the W126. My engine feels so smooth and responsive now. I'm so glad I went to him. Sad that I only knew about him recently.
  4. I came across this workshop that claims they only work on Mercs, and also something like if they are 92 or before. The workshop name is CAREWELL at sin Ming auto hub. Anybody tried this workshop before?
  5. Hi, the problem turns out to be two worn gear stick bushings (under the vehicle) that 'confuses' the detection of the engaged gear. The bushings were very cheap at S$2 each. I spent an additional S$40 labout cost for the replacement. The problem went straight away after changing the bushings. My advice is that do change the gear safety neutral switch at the same time. This is another wear and tear items that could cause you not to be able to start your car in the 'P' mode when it is worn. It is relatively cheap at about S$80 (Mercedes original). Do it together with the bushings. Now, I am
  6. Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your recommendations of mechanics. Really appreciate that.
  7. Hi, Thanks a lot for the recommendations. May I know the addresses for TRENDY and Ah Hua?
  8. Hi, I need some recommendations for mechanics who are competent in repairing W126s. Can anyone provide some info? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, need advice from fellow w126 owners. I find this phenomenon in my 89 w126. When I engaged the reverse gear (from D), the reverse sensors might not be activated sometimes. However, when I purposely 'over-travel' the gear stick by pushing it toward the P gear before shifting it back to the R gear, the reverse sensors always get activated. What is wrong?
  10. Hi, I have a similar problem with the air-con system. It is not cold enough and the rear vent air output is very low. May I know if this is an issue with W126s which I could not do much to improve or something that can be fixed up?
  11. BY the way, your chrome and rim look looks gorgeous. How do you shine the chrome?
  12. Hi, my name is Chee Leong and I just joined this club. I own an 89 W126 and would be looking forward to the next gathering meeting.
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