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  1. Hey guys, need your help to look at the pic posted. Something dropped off from the rear. Any idea what this attachment was and where i can get a replacement?
  2. Neh, just plaint the chrome panels to black, i'm not a fan of wrapping so everything is painted.
  3. I'm definitely waiting for the new facelift ... Was disappointed that they launched the e53 model before the facelift. Should have timed with the new FL
  4. Hi Guys, E63 users can advise on the use of this vehicle as a daily driver, mostly on the following aspects: 1. Comfort with full load passengers 2. Comfort for kids and older passengers 3. Harshness of acceleration at traffic lights Thanks
  5. KBS Motorsports. If spray without removing should be about 500-700 depends on your brake kit type. If remove the caliper and paint, need to bleed the brakes, so will hit above 1k. If there are cheaper alternatives, maybe other bros can share as well.
  6. My stock rims are 19inch Multi spokes. I customed this spec via PI. So i just painted matt black over and kept the chrome ring without painting. Workshop had a bro dekitting, so bought 2nd hand $200. After respray cant tell diff whether new or old. Trying to get a muted design look which is still very much mercedes but to reflect a younger driver.
  7. Anyone painted the AMG brake kits red for w205? Just wondering if the stock silver is better or red is better ..
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