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  1. Presently in 2020, Thinkware U1000 or F800 would be the better ones. However, these top end Korean models (including Blackvue, iRoad) all don't lithium battery inside and relies on a small RTC battery to retain GPS date/time stamps. The RTC battery will wear out in about 2 years, especially under heat.
  2. Anyone here with W213 E-class, loaded with Comand SG map and with a working Traffic Sign Assist, i.e. it is able to read of the road sign limit and display it in the instrument cluster digitally ?
  3. Where is that aux battery located in the B-class W246?
  4. Anyone knows how to fold down the front passenger seat quickly, other than pressing the backrest switch on the door forward.?
  5. Anyone using re-usable K&N engine air intake filter in their W246, how is the performance??
  6. I might have missed out, as I just joined the chat. Anybody have tried using Mercedes ME OBD2 adapter in your car. Does it work?
  7. Has anyone ever tried to modify the car to enable rear aircon vent. It's a pity the local versions from C&C doesn't bring in that version.
  8. Does any one know what does the small transparent circular sensor at the centre of the lower bezel of the 8-inch display do?
  9. Does anyone know whether the slight older W246 2015 FL B-class can be re-programed to have this Dynamic Select (E, C, S, M) option. Presently, my W246 only have E, S, M option to select.
  10. Max, Can your retrofitted NTG5 Comand Navi indicate live Traffic info ? Can it also have internet to access Merc Apps, google, weather, etc?
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