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  1. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 W213 doing dimsport stage 2 tuning package. Attached dyno chart.
  2. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 W213 doing B+ major servicing before doing stage 2 dimsport tuning package.
  3. 16th April 2021. Mercedes E250 doing servicing, front door lock mechanism replacement and brake system renewal.
  4. 14th April 2021. Mercedes A180 doing Elf engine oil servicing and headlamp bulb replacement.
  5. 14th April 2021. Mercedes B200 doing major B+ servicing, front roll bar linkages, engine top console,front rotors and intake hose renewal.
  6. 13th April 2021. Mercedes E250 doing headlamp bulbs and driver door window frame replacement.
  7. 12th April 2021. Mercedes GLA180 just did front original rotors renewal.
  8. 12th April 2021. Mercedes C200 doing regular servicing, Varta AGM battery change and intake filter servicing.
  9. 12th April 2021. Mercedes C180 doing intake airbox replacement, transmission mount and intake filter change.
  10. 9th April 2021. Mercedes E200 doing servicing and aircon filter renewal.
  11. 8th April 2021. Mercedes CLA45 AMG doing aircon leak check and top up aircon gas.
  12. 8th April 2021. Mercedes CLA180 doing full servicing, rear shock noise check and software update.
  13. 8th April 2021. Mercedes CLA200 doing servicing and check front and rear absorber mount noise.
  14. 6th April 2021. Mercedes GLA250 with wheel speed sensor issues. Changing new sensors and doing clutch learning adaptation.
  15. 6th April 2021. Mercedes E180 doing dimsport stage 1 tuning package with option parts installed. Attached dyno chart. Vast improvement overall.
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