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  1. i had this problem as well. changed the filter and the smell was gone but not for long. i guess with the humidity levels we have in this country, having mouldy smell is inevitable. on my previous car, many complaint abt this. BMW HQ Germany responded to us saying to run the aircon on fan mode for approx 5-10mins before shutting down for long periods. this kinda dries off moisture within the system. and periodically (once a week), run the aircon on high temp, full blast for 10-15mins using heat to kill the mould build up. doesnt solve the issue entirely but i found that it delays the smell from building up. (meaning you change ur filter less frequently) i have also read it somewhere that tree leaves build up and over time it rots. n typically leaves will build up near where the air comes in from the outside to the aircon system hence the mouldy smell. (so i try to avoid parking under trees that have those tiny leaves which makes it difficult and tedious to remove) some of the little things i do to prevent this mouldy smell. does it help? to be honest, i dun know. i just do my part to minimise the possibility of it building up.
  2. i did notice this as well. there was once i went to car to grab something, (has been parked for 30mins or so) the vents were actually blowing air out. its warm and moist air (like most of the guys mentioned here, rainy/wet periods) i guess this is the culprit of the fogging up. with the amount of moisture the cabin is exposed too, not sure if we'll gonna start having mould growing somewhere and/or mouldy smell. always thought its the car's design to ventilate the cabin or something. would be interested to know if its actually some fault we have in this car.
  3. Thanks for the input. i have no knowledge of that. too technical. hahah... but im assuming the workshop should know? its a reputable shop that i went.
  4. cant remember the offset. but its sitting flush to the fenders. did quite a fair bit of trial and error with workshop. 1. same wheels, different tires (same) 2. different wheels same tires (slightly lower in volume but still there) Workshop claimed that its the road noise due to increased in tire width. (235 to 255) I still think its not. i could hear that the typical tire road noise was significantly reduced due to new tires. Anyone on 20 inch experience the same? The sound/noise seem like a hollow sound. (somewhat like overinflated tires)
  5. Good day to all, i just changed my wheels and tires. 20 inch wheels front: 20x8.5 (255/45R20) Rear: 20x9.5 (255/45R20) alittle stretch imo but online calculator suggest that its ok. Tires: Scorpion Verde Before the change, i did not noticed any weird humming noises. ( just the regular road noise from tires) Immediately after changing, the car now produces a weird humming noise. It happens at all speeds. Particularly obvious and louder when i go over rough roads. Over new tarmac, it seem to be less. If i can best describe the sound, its kinda like going over drainage grills that produces that "wooh wooh" (if you know what i mean) the noise does not change in frequency given the different speeds that i drive. only change is the volume. Awesome service from the shop, they actually try to trial and error. Remove rear wheel and put the stock on back to drive n vice versa. Seem to be more obvious from the rear. Kinda weird because im using back the same tires as stock. Could the slightly stretch fitment in the rear cause the noise? shop was saying that now the new wheels are more flush and can potentially cause this noise. What are your views?
  6. im glad you solved the issue! i doubt merc can do anything about it. a simple solution is good enough for me. i dun want them to start opening up panels (to replace some stuff) and end up loosening something else and can potentially cause those irritating noises somewhere not as accessible as this.
  7. here you go. a picture from google shows a coupe but the latch is in the same position.
  8. yes i do experience that as well. but from what i read online, its a known problem for GLC. i do go very slow though just to minimise the crabbing. it just feels like the suspension is gonna break. hahaha...
  9. Here you go... Simple job. But not sure how long it will last. The length of the tape I used abt 4-5inches. I think any longer, the wrap will be too thick n u will probably have trouble latching the seat back.
  10. Hi all, Just wanna share and not sure if any of you here experience this in your GLC. Had my GLC for 9 months already. Approx 3mths into driving it, i start getting knocking sound coming from the rear. Couldnt ascertain what caused it. Brought it down to the dealer to have them check but couldnt find anything. (i though it was something loose within the suspension system) It happens when going over uneven roads (which cause your car to flex). most often and obvious when you approach a slope (up or down) at an angle. Funny thing was, it only happens while driving low speed + flexing. Cruising around over uneven roads was ok. Got so irritated with the noise, i started my own little investigation. 1. Removed everything i had in the trunk - Just to make sure it wasnt something i put in the trunk that is hitting something. 2. Rear seat belt buckle knocking against the plastic panels - secured the buckles before driving. the sound was still there. 3. Rear trunk had loose panels - Hard to replicate but i tried shaking some of the panels to see if it makes the same sound. nothing. 4. Rear trunk roller cover (or whatever you call it) - removed the whole roller cover thing and drive around. Sound was still there. 5. Rear folding seats - folded all seats down and drove to the exact same location that caused the sound every time i drove past. sound was GONE!! Repeated it a few times just to confirm. I was more or less convinced that it was the rear seat latch hitting each other when the car flexes. Solution: i used electrical tape to wrap the latch. This caused the rear seat to be latch much tighter in place. Had a test drive for a few days. The irritating sound never came back!! There are definitely some rattling/knocking noise within the cabin which are inevitable. But this was just too loud and way beyond my acceptable threshold. For those that have the same irritating noise/sound, you may want to give it a try. Cheers!
  11. mine was ready stock. they were quite firm on their price. only managed to knock some off. But main reason that i purchased from them was they were the only one having the spec n colour i wanted and it was ready stock. in addition, they had their own in house servicing facility and not out-sourced.
  12. Hi... where did you install them? can share the contact? and how much did it cost you? Thanks in advance...
  13. Hi all, Collecting my GLC250 AMG in a couple days time. Interested in installing the running boards too. Hope some kind bros willing to share where and how much you got them and a reliable place to have them installed. PI that i got my car from said they dun install parts that are not purchased from them... plus they quoted me a ridiculous price! Double of what was reflected in this thread!!!!
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