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  1. Nice bro, did you consider the GLB before you bought this? I drove the Renault based engine in an A class for a week and it was really good.
  2. Did you specifically ask for this feature to be included when you ordered it from your PI?
  3. I use shell 98 since there’s a station outside my home.. but the service rep did mention Esso ... but I think the main thing is to use 98 as mentioned
  4. Welcome to the forum It's at the left most part of the footwell of the front passenger side. Stuck to the bottom of the glove compartment. It's a push in and out kind of slot. The GPS module is meant for the camera, not for navigation purposes. So how much did you pay for the car?
  5. Welcome on board! actually I thought the X1 drives very well, with a nicely balanced suspension and far more legroom heh
  6. Nice, but that's not so cheap, and once you get over the mod fever, you just get down to driving the car and enjoying it. And I've not missed having the rear vents for the two years I've been driving it.. a remote boot release which is hands free perhaps... that's it.
  7. I drive up North annually and you will enjoy! Once you are past the four hour jams, you will have lots of fun in it. The road to Kuantan isn’t a highway so drop two gears, get into the power band and overtake with ease. Cheers
  8. Good to know sometimes workshops just press reset which kills the message but that doesn’t fix the underlying issue.
  9. Has anyone changed their wipers or tires outside? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  10. Have you taken delivery bro, I posted about the delivery process previously... cheers
  11. Why don’t you just wait for the car to alert you? The alert comes at one year or so, or at 15000 whichever comes first. Cheers
  12. Bro, it's not a facelift. The older model was the W245, and the 2011 onwards B180 was the W246. It's totally new car from ground up. In 2015, a facelift model came out.. You can ask YOM, or simply look at the car bro.. The facelift version has a new grille, new spoilers, and the rear treatment is quite different too.. That new ECO mode in the post 2015 has it's pro and cons.. sure the FC may be better, but it is achieved by going into a 'coast' mode, where the gear is lifted off... then re-engaged again when you accelerate. Not sure if it's a good idea to coast in neutral, and
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