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  1. I have sent my B200 to MB Auto for servicing and repairs. I find them knowledgeable and prices are reasonable. Hope this helps.
  2. For bros going for servicing, I have extra original merc transmission fluid (7 liters), 4 bosch platin sparks plugs and original front and rear wipers to sell. Interested, pl PM me!
  3. I had a b200t and it was great fun! The power was great and you can overtake easily. Parts are generally more expensive as not many stockists stock the parts for the car. You have to pay more for servicing as most times to replace wear and tear, need to dismantle many parts to access them,
  4. Hi bros, MBM just told me that for B200, need to use OE and can't fix bilstein. Can anyone confirm this? If not, which model of the bilstein can be used? Realiy hope someone can help me as $2k to change the absorbers seems pretty costly. Thanks.
  5. It seems my B200T uses B4 sports which stockist dun carry. Anyone knows if I can fix normal B4 instead? Thanks.
  6. Hi bros, need to change my shock absorbers for B200. Asked around and was quoted 2k to change 4 using stock. Anyone can recommend a good workshop? Called star black buy yet to call me back. Thanks in advance.
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