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  1. Euromodz big brake kit for sale. Front 6 pot 358mm Rear 4pot 330mm Used for approximately 2 years, 50,000km. Front pads just changed few months ago. Will need 19" rims to clear. Not too sure what other models will the bbk be able to fit, please do your own research Looking at $2700, cash and carry. Interested please contact me Thanks for looking
  2. The rims are not for your car. Front offset is wrong. Also, the rim shop does not know what it is doing too, the rears cant be used for the front! Like jtang suggested, ask for a refund and walk away.
  3. Personally i feel nitrogen is gimmicky and overrated You do know that atmospheric air contains about 80% nitrogen right?
  4. 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) keltanky 4) markcwq 5) odessus 6) darksaint 7) melvsee 8) zeenie 9) roberthatwork 10) Sayaret 11) asteroids 12) Sagiko 13) Raymond kcgoh 14) Camber53 15) AlexLee1911 16) undercoverbeast1911 17) BabyA 18) Johng (TJ) 19) Jon (try my best) 20) deryklascanzi 21) Blackmercs 22) Tekku 23) yc3333
  5. Natural air is made up of about 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen, so there is absolutely nothing wrong to 'mix' Check your fuel cap, there is the label with the recommended tyre pressure
  6. You wouldn't want to scrimp and save on something that stops your car Buy original parts only, unless its a tested and proven brand which outperforms stock
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum Do check out the various threads here with useful information on your ride
  8. Hi Jones, typically is 2hrs drive there, 2hrs makan, 2hrs drive back. We will be going to somewhere in Malaysia so do bring along valid passport, ringget, walkie talkie and an empty stomach Not to worry about speed as we will be going at a pace where everyone is comfortable We leave no man behind, tekku say one
  9. I've been using them for few years already. Great service and worksmanship You can try out their grooming first, if you like it then consider signing for a package
  10. Hey bro, glad you can make it! Bro, been a long time since we last ran, do hope to seeya this Sunday! Yes sir, no problem, maybe we might meet on NSH since u are also in msia
  11. They typically last for about 30,000km, depending on your driving style Best to check the tyre thread depth indicator. 2-3mm or less its time to change Also, if the tyres are more than 4/5 years from date of manufacture, you should get it changed too as rubber hardens in our climate
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